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Latin- Chapter 2

From "Traditio" by Patricia A. Johnston

This fact hoc factum
to owe ought debēo debēre debuī debētus
1st Declension singular -a- nom: -a gen: -ae dat: -ae acc: -am abl: -ā voc: -a
Thus In this way sīc
Therefore igitur
your sg tuus tua tuum
wife woman femina feminae f
field ager agrī m
beautiful pulcher pulchra pulcrum
kill necō necāre necāvī necātus
free līber lībera līberum
unhappy wretched miser misera miserum
farmer acricola agricolae m
one day ūnō diē
home domus domī f
Once upon a time... ōlim
dift dōnum dōnī
move movēo movēre mōvī mōtus
help auxilium auxiliī n
girlfriend amīca amīcae f
our noster nostra nostrum
word verbum verbī n
envy spite invidia invidiae f
sky weather caelum caelī n
man husband vir virī m
little parvus parva parvum
Vocative O, ___!
my meus mea meum
given dātus dāta dātum
number numerus numerī m
those illī illae illa
nymph nympha nymphae f
boy puer puerī m
master dominus dominī m
into in
star stella stellae f
god deus deī m
goddess dea deae f
animal bestia bestiae f
bad malus mala malum
son fīlius fīliī m
Dative to/for____
your plural vester vestra vestrum
seen vīsus vīsa vīsum
Genitive Posession of___
Nominative Plain old noun
Accusative direct object
For You see, nam
while dum
loved amātus amāta amātum
pine tree pīnus pīnī f
elm tree ulmus ulmī f
Ablative with___ means/instrument
other alius alia aliud
now nunc
throughout the year tōtum annum
always semper
book liber librī m
daughter fīlia fīliae f
soil humus humī f
way road journey via viae f
toward ad
sailor nauta nautae m
slave servus servī m
Poet poeta poetae m
clear famous clārus clāra clārum
large great magnus magna magnum
Cases nominative genitive dative accusative ablative vocative
girl puella puellae f
and et
friend amīcus amīcī m
good bonus bona bonum
2nd Declension masculine singular nom: -us, __ gen: -ī dat: -ō acc: -um abl: -ō voc: -e, __
chain vinculum vinculī n
2nd Declension masculine plural nom: -ī gen: -ōrum dat: -īs acc: -ōs abl: -īs voc: -ī
sure reliable certus certa certum
2nd Declension neuter singular nom: -um gen: -ī dat: -ō acc: -um abl: -ō voc: -um
teacher magister magistrī m
both___ and ___ et...et
1st Declension plural nom: -ae gen: -ārum dat: -īs acc: -ās abl: -īs voc: -ae
2nd Declension neuter plural nom: -a gen: - dat: -īs acc: -a abl: -īs voc: -a
Created by: kolendam