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What is energy? The ability to do work
Name four types of energy Mechanical,kinetic,chemical, electrical,heat,light and sound
Where is mechanical energy found? Potential energy, e.g a spring
Where is kinetic energy found? Moving car, moving hands together
Where is chemical energy found? Food,oil,petrol,wood
Where is electrical energy found? Movement of electrons through conductors e.g lights
Where is heat energy found? Cooking food,warming homes
Where is light energy found? Light bulbs, candels
Where is sound energy found? Energy through the air by vibrations
Name three types of convectional energy peat,oil,coal,natural gas, nuclear energy
Name three types of alternative energy wind power,solar power,wave power,tidal power,hydro power ,biofuels
List three ways in witch we could save energy in our homes Use thick insulators to trap heat. Take showers instead of baths. Use PV panels to generate electricity
What do PV panels stand for Photo voltaic panels
What is solar energy? Energy from the sun
Give three advantages of solar energy It is free to use. It does not cause pollution.It can be used in remote areas
Give 3 examples where solar panels are used today Emergency phones,calculators and road signs
Give three disadvantages of solar energy It can only be harnessed in day time and when it is sunny. Solar panels are expensive to manufacture. In countries such as the UK, the unreliable weather makes solar energy an unreliable source
Name the four headings for the water cycle Evaporation. Condensation. Precipitation. Run-off
Give three advantages of wind power It is free to use. Once the wind turbine is built the energy it produces dose not cause pollution. Although wind turbines are very tall, they do not take up much land space
Give three disadvantages of wind power Wind turbines and very noisy.The strength of wind isnt constant and varies from zero to storm force.When wind turbines are being produced some pollution is caused
Give three advantages of hydro-electricity Once a dam is constructed, electricity can be produced at a constant rate.Once a dam is built it last many decades. The lake that forms behind a dam can be used for pleasure and leisure activities
Give three disadvantages of hydro-electricity Dams are extremely expensive to build. Flooding of large areas means natural resources are destroyed. Building dams alters the water table level.
What is geothermal energy? Energy from the ground
How does geothermal energy work? Rain fall on the earths surface and seeps down to the hot rocks below. The water heats and returns to the surface
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