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Latin America Final

For midterm

Campesinos a native of a Latin-American rural area; especially : a Latin-American Indian farmer or farm laborer
Canopy a continuous layer of leaves
Cash Crops crops produced in large quantities to be sold or traded
Chinampas "floating islands" made from large rafts covered w/mud from the lake bottom
Commodity goods produced for sale
Conquistador a spanish conqueror
Cordilleras parallel mountain ranges
Developing Countries countries that are working toward greater manufacturing & technological use
Estuary area where tide meets the river current
Export to sell to other countries
Gauchos a cowboy of Argentinian and Uruguayan pampas
Geology science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
Glyphs picture writings carved in stone on temples to honor their deities and record their history
Indigenous the descendant's of the natives of the land
Latifundia wealthy families or corporations that own large estates
Llanos open grassy plain (fertile plains) in inland areas of Colombia and Venezuela
Maquiladoras manufacturing plants
Minifundia small plots of land intensively farmed by campesinos to feed their families
Mosaics pictures or designs made by setting small bits of colored stone, tile, or shell into mortar
Murals wall paintings
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement; in 1992 Mexico, US, and Canada signed it
Pampas the grassy treeless plains of southern south america
Quipa series of knotted cords of various colors and lengths (for calculating)
Service Industries provides services rather than goods
Spatial Diffusion describes the phenomena such as technological ideas, cultural innovations, disease, or economic goods, travel over space...
Subsistence Agriculture small-scale agriculture that provides primarily for the needs of just a family or village
Sustainable Developement technological and economic growth that does not deplete the human and natural resources of a given area
Tierra Caliente "hot land" -lower elevation
Tierra Templada "temperate land" - perfect elevation
Tierra Fria "Cold land" - high elevation
Created by: monkeyboo29