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my stack


a special day.....remember to
They wanted ....promote to
bowl....soup of
100 kilos ... seafod of
İt has cities Kikuyu,Kamba,Gusli,Lahya,Tuyo Kenya
all...match the
This is like ...cold war a
to get ... prize a
They have ...(1) win ...(2)least eight matches 1-to 2-at
wrestler...fights -
limit on ... ceremonies such
Today there is a time limit ...four minutes of
Someone hit her ... the head. on
Did she have ... red coat... ? a/on
your brother's son niece
from two o'clock ... four o'clock to
He tried ... call her ... saturday to/on
wanted her ... leave to
bits ... food of
was/in the photo/there/a brooch/on her blouse there was a brooch on her blouse in the photo
She ... born in paris was
The Times is famous ... its high standard of journalism for
Youtube.com is a website ... shows videos by ordinary people. that
plants...the roofs on
quality ... life of
ffenertdi different
ryacr carry
I have had/been having my car for two years. had
epmtereatru temperature
the creation ... the largest of
nlcdae candle
eye ... the tiger of
shame ... you on
Sweat dreams are made ... this. of
we are ... champions the
He invented the phone. Graham Bell
we will .... you rock
from the very beginning ... time of
he uses plane pilot
im surfing ... facebook on
study ... stack :)
stars was ... the edge on
desert çöl(n)
dialect lehçe(n)
convenience kolaylıklar(n)
desert arid
thatch saman ile örtmek(v)
measured ölçülü(adj)
spicy baharatlı(adj)
moist nemli(adj)
hatch kapak(n)
they need them ... contiarronue to live to
marsupial keseliler(n)
parrot papağan(n)
molar azıdişi(n)
guess tahmin etme
fade solmak(v)
piece tür
immediately derhal(adv)
vital organs hayati organlar (n)
life span ömür(n)
Created by: sertan