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Life in the Sea.

Aquatic Science Flash Cards

Creates it own food Producer
Eats other organisms to survuve Consumer
Plant eater Herbivore
Meat eater Carnivore
Eats both plants and animals Omnivore
Eats leftovers and dead organisms- smaller Detritivore
Breaks down dead organisms Decomposer
Eats leftovers and dead organisms- larger Scavenger
Plants use this to make their food from the sun Photosynthesis
Benthic plants Epiflora
Benthic animals Epifauna
Animals that live buried IN the bottom Infauna
Organisms that don't move- stay in one place throughout their lives Sessile
A rootlike structure on kelp Holdfast
Reflects revolutionary relationships Phylogenic classification
Consists of the Genus and species names Scientific name
Free-swimming animals that live in open water Nekton
Organisms that live on or near the bottom Benthos
Very small floating or free-swimming plants and animals Plankton
Animal plankton Zooplankton
Plant plankton Phytoplankton
Unicellular phytoplankton that have cell walls made of silica Diatoms
Resembles both plants and animals in different ways; responsible for red tides Dinoflagellates
Plankton that floats its entire life and found in open water Holoplankton
Classification of organisms in an ordered system Taxonomy
Exists as plankton only in the start of life, found in coastal waters Meroplankton
Plankton- large jellyfishes and their relatives Megaplankton
Open water Pelagic zone
Zone with lots of life Euphotic zone
Zone with little life Aphotic zone
Organisms that feed on particles out of the water Filter feeders
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