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this is crap.

Using scientific information from chemistry and biology to devise a plan to clean up a lake and make it healthy again describes environmental science.
Why is the world's loss of biodiversity a source of concern? Humans depend on other organisms for food and oxygen.
Indefinite existence of human populations in a healthy and prosperous condition is A sustainable world
Amount of land and ocean area needed to support one person Ecological footprint
A resident of _____ is likely to leave the largest ecological footprint. the United States
Listing both the merits and expenses involved in implementing a particular environmental solution is an example of a cost-benefit analysis.
The introduction of harmful levels of chemicals or wastes into the environment is called pollution.
Rapid population growth, poverty, and reduced life expectancy are all characteristic of ___________ countries. Developing
The applied science that focuses on the environmental effects of human activities is called Environmental science
Newspapers and human sewage are examples of ________ pollutants. Degradable
The three major categories of environmental problems are: loss of biodiversity, pollution, and ______________. Resource depletion
What is the main reason that species are being lost to extinction? Because of how many pollutants there are in the world today. Also, we are destroying our environment and taking away the habitats of a lot of species.
A process in which energy from the sun is used to make sugar molecules is called ___________. Photosynthesis
Organisms that get their food by breaking down dead organisms are called _________. Decomposers
A process within the cell of an organism that uses glucose and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, and energy is called __________. Cellular respiration
How do lichens contribute to primary succession? Lichens begin to break down rock to form soil.
What type of vegetation would you expect to find on an abandoned farm that has been undisturbed by humans for 150 years? tall, mature oak trees.
Evidence of excessive fertilizer use algal bloom
A final and stable community climax community
A type of succession that occurs on abandoned farmland old-field succession
A gradual process of change and replacement of the types of species in a community ecological succession
What is the ultimate source of energy for almost all organisms except those living deep in the ocean near a thermal vent? the sun
Nitrogen-fixing bacteria live within the nodules on the roots of plants called __________. legumes
Some natural disasters such as _____________ help forest communities by allowing some trees to release their seeds, by clearing away deadwood, and by encouraging new growth. forest fires
Bright light Emergent layer
Filtered light Canopy
Dense shade Understory
Near the equator Tropical rain forest
Arctic Taiga
Coniferous trees are commonly found in which biome? Taiga
Birth rate minus death rate growth rate
Maximum population an ecosystem can support indefinitely Carrying capacity
An example of a population would be all Red maple trees in a forest
The number of individuals per unit area the density of a population
______ is not an example of a parasite. A cow in a pasture.
THe relationship between a Canadian lynx, and a snowshoe hare is an example of predator and prey.
Which interaction is where neither species is harmed? Commensalism
Thick fur in deer is not an example of coevolution because thick fur evolved in response to a cold climate, not in response to other organisms.
The study of population demography
Land that can be used to grow crops arable land
Average number of years a person is likely to live life expectancy
An increase in water-borne diseases could possibly be alleviated by adequate sewage treatment facilities for growing populations
Between 1880 and 1930 human populations doubled due to A. the Industrial Revolution B. a combo of high birth rates and lowered death rates. C. improvements in societal infrastructure and services. D. All of the above D
What is a reason that wood is considered a limited resource in many developing countries? People cut down trees faster than they can grow.
Since 1970, fertility rates have decreased in more-developed and increased in less0developed countries.
What is not a strategy that would reduce population size? limiting education for women.
The movement of individuals into a population immigration
The advancement of technology due to the use of machines industrialization
An increase in population could result from increased birth rate, increased ___________, or immigration. survivorship
The study of human population patterns is called ____________. demography
The United Nations has designated _____________ countries to be given priority for foreign aid. developing
Many demographers predict a ___________ population growth rate and a world population of _________ in 2050. medium ; 9 billion
An adequate supply of fuelwood helps to prevent disease by allowing water to be boiled to _____________ it. sterilize
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