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Bud not Buddy

Reading Olympics Book 2012 - 2013

Ch 1: Who is the main character? Bud Caldwell.
What was the news that came along while Bud was waiting in line for breakfast at the orphanage? That Bud and Jerry was accepted in new temporary care homes as the school year ended.
Were they going together? No.
Where was Bud and Jerry going? Jerry was going to a family with three little girls and Bud was going to stay with Mr. Amos and their son who is 12.`
Were they happy about this? No.
How many foster homes did Bud go to until now? 2. This was his third one.
How was Jerry feeling? He was trying to fight his tears but couldn't as it was slipping down his cheeks.
What did Bud tell Jerry to console him? That his situation is a lot better as little girls are better than somebody elder than you. They won't fight but treat him real good.
Was Jerry convinced? Yes. He wasn't scared anymore and started packing.
What was Bud's real feeling about Jerry's foster home? He was feeling sorry for Jerry as to him 6 is a real tough age.
Why? At 6 grown folks don't think you are a cute little kid anymore and expect that you understand everything. Also the teeth start coming loose.
Why was 6 a real tough time for Bud? As that's how old he was when his Momma died and came to live in the Home.
How old was Bud? 10.
Where did the kids at the Home keep their things? In a paper or cloth sack but Bud had his own suitcase.
What did the blue flyer beneath his suitcase say? HERMAN E. CALLOWAY and masters of the new jazz.
What did it show and what was Bud's feeling towards it? Page 15 A blurry picture of a man which gives Bud a real suspicion that he might be his father.
What was written underneath the picture? One night only in Flint,Michigan, at the luxurious fifty grand on Saturday June 16 1932. 9 until?
Who brought this flyer in? His momma and she was very upset about it.
What was the difference between the other flyers and this one? The others didn't say anything about Flint.
Why did Bud remember this one so much? Cause it wasn't too long after his momma brought this home and that when Bud knocked on her bedroom door and found her dead.(Maybe.)
Ch 2: What did Todd Amos do to Bud? He was hitting him real bad.
What happened right after Mrs. Amos came into the room? Todd all of a sudden started acting as if he has an asthma attack because of Bud.
How did Mrs. Amos react? She yelled at Bud saying not only he struck todd but also provoked his asthma and this his how he was repaying her.
What did Bud think of himself? That he is one of the best liar in the world.
What had really happened? Todd stuck a Ticonderoga pencil up Bud's nose and put it all the way up to "R" from the eraser.
What did Bud do ? He got so mad that he swung as hard as he can at Todd's Big balloon head.
What happened after that? They fought each other but it was a bad idea as Todd was not only a puffy rich mama's boy but he can hit like a mule too.
What was the story that Todd told his mom? That he was only trying to wake up bud so that he could go to the bathroom.
What did Mrs. Amos Hate the most? bed wetters.
What did she do to make sure to protect her mattress ? She put a smelly ,rubber baby sheet on Bud's bed and said only after he proves himself for 2 or 3 months he can have a proper cloth sheet.
What did Mrs. Amos decided? That she will not tolerate Bud even one night under her roof.
How could Bud say that the Amos had gone through his suitcase even after promising him not to? As the twine that hold it together was tied in a kind of knot that he did not know.
What did mrs. Amos say? That she will get in touch with the home in the morning and he has to spend the night at the shed.He can come in next morning for breakfast before leaving.
What did mrs. Amos say when Bud wanted his suitcase back? She said he can't as the suitcase will guarantee that he does not take anything from the house and leave,as they knew he was too attached to it.
What else mrs. Amos wanted Bud to do? Apologise to Tod or else she will give him the strapping of his life.
Who did Bud apologize to? To the whole Amos family one by one.
What did Todd warn Bud about the shed? That it might have spiders,vampire bats,and centipedes.
Where did he spot his suitcase? Under the kitchen table.
What was there in the shed? A pile of stacked wood,newspaper pasted windows,and a big black stain in the middle of the floor.
CH 3:What was guarding the door? Three little monster heads.
What do dthe heads turn out to be? Three dried fish heads.
What happened to one of Bud's friends? A bug crawled in his ear and he thought it was talking to him in English. Hence his name was Bugs.
After Bud scraped the newspaper off the window what did he see? That one room's light was on.
What did Bud see at the top of the shed? A gigantic vampire bat.
What luck did Bud get ? He opened the door but a chain was drawn on the other side.
what did Bud do to the bat? He threw his jackknife at it and it got sliced through the middle and fell to the ground without squealing.
What was actually thee bat? A hornet's nest and the hornets started to sting him.
When Bud reached for the door what happened? His hand got stuck int the fish head and it's teeth cut Jim like a razor.
How did he escape? He broke open the window and relaxed on the ground for a breather.
What did Hud think in his head? "Aha, you doggone Amoses, that hurt but know I get revenge!"
Ch 4: What surprised Bud when he held the shotgun? That it was a lot heavier and longer then he expected.
What was Bud's plan to get square with Todd? He opened the jelly jar and filled it with warm water and dipped Todd's finger in it.
What was the theory behind all this? Someone told him that by doing that the person that is asleep doesn't have any choice but to pee the bed.
Did it work? no.
What did he finally do? He pulled the blanket and sheet and emptied the jar and the warm water from the jar made him soak his sheets.
Ch 5: Where did Bud go to after leaving the Amose's house? The north side library hoping Miss Hill would help him?
What disappointed him? That there were big metal bars on the windows through which he wanted to sneak in through.
What did he do after? He slept under a Christmas tree.
What came handy from his suitcase? A blanket.
Was anything missing from his suitcase? No. This made Bud think that the Amoses were mean but not thieves.
In Momma's picture about how old was she? About as old as Bud.(10)
What was in her hand? Two six-shooter pistols.
Why was she upset with her dad? Because he made her wear a huge fake cowboy hat on her head.
What did she tell Bud about his name? That no one should call him Buddy since she would have added the "dy" if she intended to. also that Buddy is a dog's name.
What did his name mean? A bud is a flower yet to be. It is a little fist of love waiting to be unfolded and shown to the world.
what advice did his mom give him? That when one door closes another opens.
What did bud understand what that means know? That the door at the home closing and a new door opening to the amoses.
What did Bud have to do next morning? Wake up real early for breakfast since if ou are a minute late they won't let you have food.
Ch 6: When Bud arrived to the Breakfast line what did the man at the end of the tell him? That the line is closed and the people infront of him are the last ones.
When does supper start? At 6:00 p.m. But he better get in line at 4:00 to expecg any food.
When Bud kept on trying to get food what did the man do? Take a black strap out of his pocket and was ready to hit him.
What happened right at that second? A square shaped man put his around Bud's neck and said "Clarence, what took you so long" and "Get back in line with your momma"
Who happened to be his "mom"? A woman who said You get over here right now. There were two little girls hanging on to her to her dress.
What do the great big sign on the building show? It was a gigantic picture of a family of four rich white people sitting in a car driving somewhere.
How could Bud tell that the family was rich? Since car looked like it could hold 8 or 9 people and because the family was wearing movie star clothes.
What did it day on their car? THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE AMERICA TODAY
When Bud entered the building what did he notice? That it was huge. Also there was no sound but the sound of spoons scraping the bottom of a bowl and chairs moving.
Want did a sign say? Please do not smoke, Please eat as quickly and quietly as you can, Please be considerate and patient - Clean up after yourself- your neighbors will be eating after you, and lastly We are terribly sorry but we have no work available.
What did Bud think of the oatmeal a lady gave he and his pretend family? That the oatmeal was delicious!
What did the fake mom give Bud on his oatmeal? Brown sugar.
Where did he go after breakfast? To the library.
What was a sort of hypnotizing spell to him? The smell of paper. He thinks it kind of makes you drowsy.
What do the librarians hate the most? Books that have been drooled on. They hate it more than someone laughing out loud in the library.
Who did Bud start looking for after smelling the air in the library? Miss Hill.
Who did he give his suitcase to keep safe? The person at the front desk.
When he couldn't find Miss Hill what did he do? He asked the lady at the front desk where she is and the lady answered "Miss Hill? My goodness, haven't you heard?"
Why did Bud get all worried? Since in rule 16 in Bud's rules and things it meant that you were gonna be dropped headfirst into a boiling tragedy.
What was the news? That she got married and went to Chicago.
When Bud asked the lady how long is it to get there what did the lady do? She pulled out three books and finally got the answer 54 hours. the books were Atlas of the United States of America, and Standard Highway Mileage guide and the other one is not mentioned.
Where did Bud go after the library? Back under his tree since the Home was out of question.
Ch 8:What happened while Bud was sleeping? Somebody grabbed him so Bud took his knife out of his pocket and was ready to stab.
Right when Bud was about to stab the person in the heart who did turn out to be? Bugs.His old friend from the Home.
Where was Bugs heading? Out west since he heard that they can get enough money by getting out there. He heard that a train is supposed to leave tomorrow in the morning.
How were they going to get there? They were going to hop trains.
How did they make themselves brothers? They spit on their own hands and with that hand they shook hands.
What did they find out? That outside of Flint there is a city called Hooperville.
What did Hooperville turn out to be? A place where you get off the train and clean up and get something to eat without the cops chasing you out of town. Bugs calls it a cardboard jungle.
How did they decide who would talk to someone for food? By flipping a coin.
Who had to do it. Bud.
What was the real name for the place? Hooverville. It is named after Mr. Hoover. He made the place.
What did Bud find out? That there lots of hoovervilles. This one was Flint version.
When Bud looked around. what did he notice? That it was a lot bigger then he thought and there were huts on every side of him. It was filled with black, brown and white people.
On what circumstances would they aloe them to eat? If they did KP. It is kitchen police. You have to clean up after everyone.
What did they eat? Muskrat stew.
Did they like it? Yes.
Who would help Bud do the dishes. Deza Malone. When Bud said his name he said Bud not Buddy.
Where was the train heading to which bugs and Bud were going to be on? Chicago. It is west from Flint.
When Bud kept on saying it is OK that his mom died and he never met his dad what did Deza say? That it is not ok that that happened since family is the most important thing.
When is Bud going to be 11? November 14th.
How old did Deza turn out to be? 10 also.
What did Bud and Deza do? They kissed.
What did the song Shenandoah remind deza of? Her mom and dad.
How did Bud fall asleep? By smelling his blanket three times. IT reminded him of his mother at night reading a story to him.
What woke bud up? That the train was going to sneak padt them while they were sleeping.
Did they make it? Bugs did but Bud didn't run fast enough.
What did Bud finally find out? That Bud's dad was actually Herman E. Calloway.
When Bud went to the library the next day what did the lady tell him? That he finally recognized him and that she remembered that he and his mother used to come here often.
Also what did she remember? That his mom liked mysteries and fairy tales and Bud liked civil war books.
According to the atlas how long would it take him to get to the Grand Rapids? 1 day.
What gift did the librarian give Bud? A book called History of War between the States.
Why did Bud like war books? Because of the gory pictures.
But when Bud started reading about what an above picture was about what happened? He read till the library closed.
Right when he was about to leave the library what did the lady give him? A cheese sandwich for dinner.
Who was the big bully at the Home? Billy Burns.
What did he do to make fun of the kids? Tell them that they don't even know who their parents are. But Bud stood up for himself and said he knew his mom and that his dad was Herman e. Calloway.
Where was Bud headed? West!
Ch 10: What made the country so noisy? The sound of frogs croaking, bugs and mice and rats.
How fast did Bud think he was going? No faster than 5 miles per hour.
What happened when a car stopped by? A man got out wearing a cap which drivers wear that drive around rich people and was talking to Bud and telling him to come out.
How did he get Bud to show his face? By giving him a baloney sandwich an apple an red pop soda.
When Bud was going to get the pop what did the man do? Raised high in the air and said that he needed to answer some questions first.
What did he ask Bud? His name and Bud said Bud not Buddy.
What lie did Bud come up with? That he ran away from home.
Where did he say his home was? Grand Rapids. The man said he was from there too.
Right when Bud entered the car what did he see? A red sign that said URGENT: CONTAINS HIMAN BLOOD!!!
Right then what did Bud do? Hit the gas pedal since he thought that the guy was a vampire.
Ch 11: What happened after the car went 30 giant steps with the car? It stopped and the man said that he wasn't a vampire and showed his teeth. They were not fangs.
Why did he have the blood? To donate blood to someone at the Hurley Hospital in Flint.
When Bud said his dad was Herman E. Calloway what did the man say? That everyone in grand rapids knows him.
What was the man's name? Mr.Lewis.
What did Mr.Lewis call Bud? Peanut Head.
What happened to the red pop? A bit of sandwich fell in to it.
What did Mr.Lewis give Bud to sleep with? His jacket to use as a blanket.
How did Bud wake up? A strange lady was saying his name several times.
Who did the strange lady turn out to be? Mr. Lewis's daughter.
What did Mr. Lewis say about his dad? That he must of married people before he married Bud's mom.
What did Mr.Lewis's daughter not like? That he started teasing Bud already.
What was the daughter's name? Mrs. Sleet.
What was Bud's breakfast? Pancakes, sausage, toast and a big glass of orange juice.
How did Bud manage fit the new clothes for himself? By just folding the end of them up.
When he went to the room for food, who was sitting on the table? A boy and a girl called Scott and Kim.
What did bud learn? That Kim also teases just like her grandma.
What did Bud never have before? Sausage.
What deal did Kim make with Bud? That she sings a song and Bud has to answer a question.
What mental comment did Bud make about the song? That it was the worst song ever.
What was the question? How did Bud's mom die.
What did Bid say? That she died quickly and without suffering and that she died so quickly she didn't have time to close her eyes.
What made eating with Mr. Lewis and the Sleets hard? That they kept on talking.
What designation does Mr.Lewis have? A pullman porter. He works at the train station. He takes care of people after they get on the train.
Ch 12: What happened to the blood? While Bud was in his deep sleep, they stopped at the Hurley Hospital and donated the blood.
What did Mr. Lewis do? He sent a telegram to the log cabin. The log cabin is a place Herman owns.
What is HEC mean? Herman E. Caldwell.
What do the stops mean? Periods. It just means the sentence is over.
When they were leaving flint what happened? A police car had it's siren on and was following him.
What did Lefty tell Bud to do? To take the box next to him and slide under his seat.
What did the cop say when Mr. Lewis said that Bud's stuff was in the trunk? The cop said that Mr. Lewis and Bud looked just like eachother.
Why did the cop stop him? Since there have been reports that some labor organizers might be sneaking up from Detroit so they stop every unfamalier vehicle.
What are labor organizers? In FLint there are people who are trying to get unions in the automobile factories.
What is a union? It is when a group of workers get together and try tot make things better for their family and children.
What excuse did Bud make to not see what is in the box? That he should take a nap.
After he opened the box what did he find in it? A piece of paper that had a message to the railroad workers.
When Bud woke up where was he? Grand Rapids.
What did Bud think not like? That Mr. Lewis was going to talk his "dad".
How did Bud make Mr. Lewis believe that Bud was done talking to his dad in 5 minutes? He went through the two front doors and waited between the front and second door and then came out.
What did Mr. Lewis say about Herman? That he is not the easiest man sometimes.
What proof did Bud get that he had to be his dad? That he did real good exaggerating just like Bud.
What else did he do? He was bald and Bud thought he shaved his hair which was something Bud always wanted to do.
What did Herman say that Bud also thinks. There comes a time when you just have to stop. YOU are not being a quitter , it is just that you have to stop.
What did the horn guy named Jimmy say? That if Bud got sent by Miss Thomas.
When he looked at his dad's face what did bud think? That his face was old, really old.
Right when Bud said that Herman was his dad happened? He quit smiling and looked at him a lot harder.
Ch13, 174:How did Jimmy recognize Bud? From the crazy telegram that Herman received that morning
175, Why did Bud come all the way over to Great rapids from Flint? because he had no family member in Flint.
176, When Herman asked Bud what orphanage he went to, what did Bud say? he started giving tons of information other than the orphanage he was in
177, What deal did Herman make with Bud? They will feed him at the best restaurant in Grand Rapids if he told them the truth
178, What was the name of the best restaurant in Grand Rapids? The sweet pea
179, What were the names of the people in the band? Drummer: The thug, saxophone: steady Eddy, trombone: Doo-doo bug, piano: dirty deed
What did DOO doo bug say? To not call them sir.
What did the thug tell Bud to do at the sweet pea as a joke? give him a big hug, yell out daddy and plant a big juicy kiss on his bald head.
What did Steady Eddie tell Bud to do seriously? Not to call him Daddy or Poppa or nothing that gives away that they two are kin.
What did Bud say then? That isn't his luck to come clean across the state and find out that his dad is a mean old coot.
What was Bud's rule no. 63? Never say something bad about someone you don't know especially when you are around a bunch of strangers since they could be a big blabbermouth.
What did the thug say? That he is not he only one trying to get on Mr. C's good side since this is the best drumming gig in the state and he has to hold on to it.
Who was Bud's favorite person in the band? Steady Eddie.
What age did Bud think was old? Being 20.(his mom's age)
What did Bud say about crying? That his eyes don't cry no more.
When Steady Eddie hear did that what did he say? That he liked that and if he could borrow that for the name for the name of a song.
When Bud sniffed the air at the sweet pea what did he think? That this is heaven must smell like.
Where did Bud sit? Under a sign that said NBC.
What did that mean? Nobody but Calloway.
Who did Mr. Jimmy introduce Bud to? Miss Thomas. She was the vocal stylist or singer.
What did Mr. C comment about what happened to bud at the amoses? That it sound like s diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.
What did Steady Ediie say about Bud? That he sees a future sax man in him.
Who was their waiter? Tyla.
What did Miss Thomas order for Bud? Meat loaf, okra, mashed potatoes and a glass of apple cider.
Right when Bud had to tell Miss Thomas about how he found out that Herman is his dad what happened? Tyla came with the food so he didn't have to tell the whole story.
What desert did Tyla bring him? On the House. It was sweet potato pie topped with whipped cream.
What did Bud notice about Miss Thomas? That she was the most beautiful women in the world.
How beautifully did miss Thomas sing? That sometimes if a real human being was makes those sounds or not and that singer was just to small of a word to describe her.
What did Bud notice about Mr. Jimmy? That he is really funny. Everyone laughed about he stories about travelling around the country with Mr. C.
Which table was the quietest? The table where the Dusky Devastators were sitting since Mr. C could make it so that you could sit and watch your hands with a sad look on your face.
What did Bud notice about Steady Eddie? He noticed how nice he was. Also, no matter what happened he would keep a toothpick dangling out of his mustache.
What happened to Bud at the Sweet Pea? One second he was laughing his head off and the next second he started crying because he knew he was home.
What did Ms. Thomas do? She comforted Bud by putting his head up to her chest and singing to him.
Ch 15: What did Ms. Thomas show Bud? She showed him the Grand Calloway Station which is the house which is Mr. C's house.
Why did the house have a name? The house had a name because there were so many different people coming in and out of the house, that it reminded Mr. C of the train station in New York City (Grand Central Station).
Where was Bud staying in? A room with a bed, a chair and a table which is in movies that women use to put lipstick on and big round mirror stuck right on top.
Where did Miss Thomas and Mr. C stay? The first door in the hall on the left was Ms. Thomas' room and Mr. C's room was the second door and the door on the righ twas the bathroom.
Where was Bud staying in? A dead girl's room!
What was Bud afraid of? Her ghost coming in and trying to kill him.
What did Bud hear form his room? Ms. Thomas and Mr. C arguing loudly and yelling at each other.
When the door banged open who was there? Mr. C who was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. Right behind him was Miss Thomas.
What did he tell Bud? That he better not do any snooping around the room since Mr. C knows where and what is in the room.
What did the YMCA do? Put a chemical in the water so if you peed a red cloud would surround you. Then you will be sent to jail.
What was on the walls of the girl's room? Pictures of horses stuck by thumbtacks.
What did Bud think was the softest thing he ever touched? The bed.
How did Bud fall asleep? By thinking of the stories that his mom used to tell him.
Ch 16: When Bud woke up what did he notice? That his shirt off and his pants were off too.
What did Bud think happened? That Ms. Thomas came at night and undressed him.
What did Ms. Thomas tell Mr. C? That he can take care of a stray dog but when a child comes he has no sympathy towards him.
What did Ms. Thomas say about herself? That she can sense it if someone is lying.
What else did Bud hear? Steady Eddie talking and that it seemed like he had something for Bud.
What did Bud notice about Miss Thomas after he woke up? That she did not have all her diamond ring s on her.
What did Mr. C say when Bud came downstairs? That he doesn't like the way the Loudean was sounding and that he had to look at it's plugs.
How long did Bud sleep? Till afternoon.
What did Miss Thomas ask Bud? If his ears were hot since the conversation's topic was him. Because of him sleeping so soundly she had to check his pulse.
Who did Bud have to be patient with? Mr. Calloway.
What did Miss Thomas think of Bud? That he was a real toughie the first time she saw her.
What did Miss Thomas tell Bud to get prepared for? Long car trips. Also that sometimes she thinks he was a godsend to them.
What did Steady Eddie ask Bud about his suitcase? If he is attached to the suit case or of what is inside it.
What did Bud say? the things inside?
What was his new case? Steady Eddie's old saxophone case.
What happened to the horn? It's been stolen three years back right off the stage.
What were Mr. C's rules to be in the band? Practice at least 2 hours a day.
What did Steady Eddie give Bud? A long wooden flute called a recorder.
What else was left? Giving Bud a nickname.
What did they come up with? Sleepy LaBone.
What type of name was that to Bud? So good that that it was a name that would make you practice 4 hours a day to live up to.
Ch 17: What was bud doing while mopping the floor? Pretending that he was in a boat which was in a story his mom used to read him.
What did Bud hear from upstairs? The thug making sounds like rain falling on a tin roof. Dirty deed made sounds like big bright drops of water falling down. Steady Eddie joined the storm. Herman's fiddle was the thunder. Miss Thomas was the sun busting through the clouds.
After hearing them what did Bud do? He clapped loudly and understood why there were six exclamation points next to them.
Ch 18: How long was it to Mecosta? 1 and a half hour long. The next performance would be there.
Which number trip was this for Bud? The third. Miss Thomas was back at the Grand Calloway Station.
Why did Mr. C have a white person in the band? Since it is against the law for Negro to own any property out where the log cabin is so they have Dirty Deed. Also the white people wouldn't hire them if they were negro so Deed always sets up everything on stage.
What was the last place they performed before he got some bad news? The Laughing Jackass.
Ch 18: How long was it to Mecosta? 1 and a half hour long. The next performance would be there.
Which number trip was this for Bud? The third. Miss Thomas was back at the Grand Calloway Station.
Why did Mr. C have a white person in the band? Since it is against the law for Negro to own any property out where the log cabin is so they have Dirty Deed. Also the white people wouldn't hire them if they were negro so Deed always sets up everything on stage.
What was the last place they performed before he got some bad news? The Laughing Jackass.
What was the bad news the next morning? That he had to sit in the car with Mr. C the way back.
What was Mr. C doing when Bud went to see him? Looking for a rock.
What did he tell bud to do? Pick up a perfect throwing rock.
When Bud looked at Mr. c's collection what did Bud see? That they had writing on them just like his own rocks.
When would Bud show his rocks? When Mr. C would ask to.
Who was the only other person that saw his rocks? Bugs.
Where did Bud get the rocks from? His momma.
When Bud told Mr. C that his mom's name was Angela Janet Caldwell what happened? Mr.C dropped his pipe from his pipe and stumbled and fumbled back to the Grand Calloway Station.
Who was Mr.C actually? Bud's Grandpa.
Ch 19:What did Mr.C do ever since he heard his daughter's name? He locked himself in his room and wouldn't come out.
What did Miss Thomas ask Bud? How his mom passed. Bud answered her.
How did Bud describe his mom? Real Pretty and real tall and kind of skinny like him he thought.
What did they want to see? The picture of her.
What was Mr. C doing when Bud went in his mom's room? He was moaning and covered his face with his hands and was crying.
Why must it be a real bad situation if Mr.c was crying? Since the older you get, the worse somr=ething has to be to make you cry.
Why didn't Mr. C call to check on them? Since no one knew where she was. She just ran away one day.
Why was Mr. C so hard on people? since he expected too much out of everybody including himself
what did Mr.C believe was going to happen with Bud's mom? that finally one of the Calloways would become a teacher. this was only his dream though
How long have they been waiting for a sign for Bud's mom? 11 years and that the best word she sent was Bud
What did Miss Thomas give Bud? A picture of Bud's mom when she was 16 years old.
What did Miss Thomas tell Bud? that his Mom was watching him no matter wherever he was.
Why was Mr. C so hurt? Since he had just found out that his daughter had passed away
Why does Mr. C always rocks? Since his daughter loved rocks and wanted him to bring them home
After Miss Thomas left to see Mr. C who came in? The band.
What did the band give Bud? They gave him a saxophone
what did Bud tell the band? that he would practice so much that he would be like them in 3 weeks
what did Bud put on Mr. C's dressing table? the flyers and the bag with 4 rocks
what did Bud's mom used to tell him? that he was one of the best dish dryer ever
what did Bud bet himself on? that Steady Eddy was going to come for practice early
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