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STEM Final 2012

Turner Middle School STEM

What does STEM stand for? Science Technology Engineering math
5 things humans need to survive food water shelter clothes friends
first step in the design process define a problem
Innovate means to make better
Difference in science and technology science is nature and technology is manmade
3 major constraints in a project time money and space
2 systems of measurement metric and english
units on an english ruler inches
units on a metric ruler centimeter and millimeter
7 prefixes of the metric system Kilo, Hecta, Deca, Base, Deci, Centi, Milli
Who standardized the foot to the size of his foot? King Henry
How many millimeters are in a centimeter? 10
What is a cubit? from elbow to middle finger
What is a handspan? from pinky to thumb
What is 8/16 inches simplified to? 1/2 inch
Why don’t we use early measurements such as cubit and handspan anymore? They are not accurate because people are different sizes
What does a hidden line look like? dashes
What does an object show on a sketch? change in height
Which sketch uses 30° angles and NO horizontal lines? isometric
Which sketch shows 3 views of a figure in 2D? orthographic
3 views in an orthographic sketch front top side
Which view of an orthographic sketch shows the width of a figure? front
What does extrude mean? to make 3D
Where can you not dimension? Not on a hidden line or inside a figure
What does the browser show? The history of steps taken on a part
What does a hidden line show on a sketch? A change in the object that you cannot see
What is the last step in the design process? Communicate results
What dimensions match each view on an orthographic? front-width side-height top-depth
What does the roller button do on AutoDesk? zoom in and out
What does manufacture mean? to build on a large scale
Created by: TurnerSell
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