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science flash cards


Weather The state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place.
Relative humidity The amount of water vapor in the air compared to the amount needed for it to be saturated at a specific temp.
wind The greater the difference in pressure, the faster the wind blows.
cumulus Big, white, and, puffy clouds.
Air temp. the result of movement of air molecules: the faster the molecules move, the warmer the air temp.
dew point the temp at which air is saturated and condensation forms.
cold front occurs when cold air moves under warm air, lifting an cooling it so that clouds form
warm front occurs when warmer air moves over colder, denser air.
stationary front occurs when a boundary between air masses stops moving due to similar masses.
low preasure system swirl counter clock wise. A.K.A. cyclones.
air mass a large body of air that has properties similar to the part of Earth's surface over which it develops.
hurricane a large, swirling low preasure system that forms over the warm atlantic ocean.
blizzard a winter storm with: winds of atleast 56 km/h low temp. visibility less that 400m in falling or blowing snow. these conditions lasting for 3 hrs or more.
severe weather safety watch-issued when conditions are favorable for severe weather. warning-issued when severe weather already exists.
meteoroligist a person who studies weather and the atmosphere using weather instruments to make weather maps.
stationary model a set of symbols that shows the weather conditions at a specific location on earth's surface.
occluded front occurs when cold air approaches cool air and forces the warm air between them aloft.
front a boundary between two air masses of different density, moisture, or temp.
cirrus curly whispy; the only cloud made of ice crystals.
nimbus described a cloud that produces precipitation, as in cumulonimbus or nimbo stratus.
what causes thunder air around a bolt of lighting heats quickly then quickly cools and contracts, forming sound waves.
what causes lighting movement of air with in a cloud causes different parts of the cloud to become oppisitely charged.
precipitation water in any form of matter, falling from clouds. rain drops vary in size due to:-strength of updrafts in clouds.
four main types of precipitation -rain -snow -sleet -hail
thunderstorms -signs: heavy rain, lighting and thunder possibly hail.
tornado a violently rotating column of air. created by wind shear during a severe thunderstorm.
high preasure systems -swirl clockwise -A.K.A. anticyclones -associated with clear weather - measured with a barometer.
isotherm a line that connects points of equal temp. on weather maps.
isobar a line that connects points of equal preasure on a weather map.
cirro high altitude
strato low altitude
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