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Science Review 7

Atoms are... the smallest particle of an element.
The Nucleus in an atom consists of..... protons and neutrons at the center of an atom
An electron shell is.... a grouping of electrons surrounding the nucleus.
periods in the Periodic Table are... each row in the periodic table going horizontal.
a group/family in the periodic table is... each column in the periodic table, also showing the # of valence electrons.
Noble Gases are un-reactive non-metals in group 18 or (8) of the periodic table with 8 valence electrons.
Valence Electrons are... the number of electrons (-) on the outer shell.
Protons are.... a positively (+) charged atom inside the nucleus.
Neutrons are... a neutral charged atom (no charge) in the nucleus, contributes to mass.
Electrons are.... a negatively charged (-) atom, NOT in the nucleus but in the outer shells.
most the volume in an atom is.... empty space
Elements on the periodic tables are are arranged according to..... an increasing number of protons.
the universe is... a collection of galaxies
a galaxy is.... a collection of solar systems,gas,dust,ash.
Red shifts are... a drag of red; moving away
Blue shifts are.... a drag of blue; moving towards.
Define Spiral Galaxy a galaxy with arms coming off a central body
define elliptical galaxy football shaped galaxy
Define Irregular Galaxy no defined shape
Wavelength is...... distance from crest to crest or trough to trough
frequency is.......... how often wavelengths repeat in 1 second.
visible light is... combination of RoyGBiv
galaxies are composed of... dust,planets,stars,gases,meteors.
Infared light is..... light outside the visible spectrum, heat sensing goggles pick up this wave.
an appropriate unit of measuring distance between planets.... astronomical unit.
an appropriate unit of measuring the distance between stars or galaxies. light years.
if a scientist adds a proton to an atom, that atom becomes a..... new element
a neutron carries what charge.... no charge
a motorcycle traveling at 35 mi/hr SLOWS as it approaches a stop sign, this is an example of... acceleration
a bike racer travels 17 mi/hr in a southerly direction. this is an example of... velocity. speed with direction..
Created by: cdmralal