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Semester Review

Main topics...

How is the Periodic Table arranged? In rows and columns.
IF there are 5 protons how many electrons are there? 5 electrons.
If the atomic mass is 96, and there are 42 protons, how many neutrons are in this element? 54 neutrons.
What two subatomic particles are the same number as each other? Protons and Electrons.
What subatomic particles are negatively charged? Electrons.
What does the Bohr model show? How many levels the atom has
If someone is doing an experiment and bubbles show up, what type of change is it? Chemical
When sugar dissolves is it a physical or chemical change? Why Physical because it is still there.
What elements are in H2O 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen
What does the law of conservation of mass say? It says that the product and the reacants are balanced.
If it takes a star's light 600 years, how many light years is it? 600 light years.
Can light travel through a black hole? NO.
Fill in the blank... blue ___, red____. you, fled
If a frequency is fast,what type of shift is it? And Why? Blue, because the blue shift is closer to "you"
On the spectra what color goes with the number 400? And 700? Blue, red
When travelling up a rollercoaster, what type of energy do you have? Potential.
What is the next stage after potential energy? Kinetic.
How do astronomers use the electromagnetic wave? To measure the temperature, what the star is made of
What type of stars are there? White dwarfs, main sequence, giants, supergiants
What TWO things does the HR diagram show? Magnitude or brightness, and temperature.
What category is our sun in? Main sequence.
How are main sequence stars classified? temperature and magnitude/ brightness
if there is 20 N to the left and 25 N to the right which way will it go? to the right
What is the equation of force? force=mass x acceleration
WHat is velocity? Speed time and direction
What is speed? miles per hour
Created by: science07