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M & P Nursing

Ch 1 Vocabulary

advanced practice nurses another name for pediatric nurse practitioner and a clinical nurse specialist
advocate speaking or acting in support of a person's rights and needs
birthing centers freestanding buildings outside of the hospital that provide comprehensive care, including antepartum, labor and delivery, and postpartum care and mothers' classes, lactation classes, and follow up family planning
clinical nurse specialist (CNS) provides care in the hospital and the community to patients in specific specialty areas, such as cardiac, neurological, or oncological care.
clinical pathway are collaborative guidlines that define multidisciplinary care in terms of outcomes within a timeline
cost containment the efficient and effective use of resources
critical thinking applying creativity and ingenuity to solve the problem: combining basic standard principles with data specific to the patient
cultural awarness a conscious awarness of the cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions of one's self and others
cultural competence a quality, attained by cultural awarness and sensitivity, that enables health care providers to adapt practices to meet the needs of patients from various cultures
cultural sensitivity an understanding of and sensitivity to cultural practices and values that differ from one's own
cultural the body of symbols, ideas, values, traditions, and practices shared by a group of people
diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) refers toa Medicare system that determines payment for a hospital stay based on the patients diagnosis
documentation the written or electronic recording
evidence-based practice
family care plan
full inclusion
health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
health maintrnance organizations (HMOs)
healthy people 2020
labor, delivery, and recovery rooms (LDR)
nursing care plan
nursing process
pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP)
perferred provider organizations (PPOs)
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