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Perpe's work.

KDA: Your Role as a Nursing Assistant

Accountable To be answerable for one's behavior; legally or ethically responsible for the care of another. Display qualities that are desirable in a good patient/nursing assistant. Interpersonal skills, such as courtesy and cooperation, enable people to interactor work together in a productive ans satisfying manner.
Accuracy The quality of beign exact or correct; exact conformity to truth and rules; free from errors or defects. Identify duties and role funtions of nursing assistants. The HCW works contributing to the delivery of patient care through performance of day-to-day activities; maintenance of a functional and aesthetic environment conducive to patient well-beign and interacting with patients considering their age and culture.
Competency A demonstrable skill or ability How can you, as a HCW, practice good personal hygiene? Dress properly and neatly, bathe or shower daily, keep mouth and teeth clean and in good condition, keep hair clean and neatly combed, well pinned or braided, keep nails short and clean,be completely free of odor, eat well balanced diets, keep body fit.
Cooperation Working or acting together; uniting to produce an effect or to share an activity for mutual benefit. Personal hygiene continued. Never wear jewelry, always wear your name pin and intitutional badge, always wear a wristwatch with second hand and always carry a pen and a pad of paper.
Dependability A quality shown by coming to work every day on time and doing what is asked at the proper time and in the proper way.
Ethical behavior To keep promoses and do what you should do; to act in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice.
Hazard A source of danger; a possible cause of an accident.
Hygiene The science that deals with the preservation of health; when used to describe an object or a person, it means clean and sanitary.
Incident An unforseen event that occurs without intent.
Informed consent A voluntary act by which a conscious and mentally competent person gives permission for someone else to do something for him.
Iterpersonal skills Skills used in interacting with other persons, such as courtesy; good interpersonal skills enable people to interact or work together in a productive and satisfying manner.
Malpractice Negligence when applied to the performance of a professional.
Negligence The commision of an act or failure to perform an act, where the respective performance or nonperformance deviates from the act that should have been done by a resonably prudent person under the same or similar conditions.
Stress A physical, mental, or emotional tension or strain triggered by a stimulus that requires some response or type of adjustment.
Created by: peerpault