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final review (:

Review for final

How is the periodic table arranged? It is arranged in categories of noble gases, metals, nonmetals, and metalloids.
What are protons, electrons, and neutrons? Protons are positively charged atoms in the nucleus. Electrons are negatively charged atoms that surround the nucleus. Neutrons are neutrally charged atoms in the nucleus.
What does the Bohr model show? It shows how many protons, electrons, and neutrons are in an atom.
What are chemical and physical changes? A chemical change occurs when substances become new substances with different properties. A physical change occurs when the matter changes but remains the same kind of matter.
How many molecules are in the compound 6MgO? There are 6 molecules in the compound because the coefficient (6) is in front of the compound.
What is the Law of Conservation of Mass? A mass cannot be created or destroyed.
What are lightyears? The distance between stars and galaxies?
Is wavelength shorter or higher when the wave frequency increases? Wavelength is shorter because the higher frequency makes the waves come closer together.
What is potential and kinetic energy? Potential energy is energy that is stored and kinetic energy is energy that is in motion.
How do astronomers use electromagnetic waves? They use visible light to see what its made of, and infrared to tell the temperature.
How are stars classified? Stars are classified by its color, temperature, brightness, and size.
What is an HR diagram? An HR diagram is a diagram that classifies the stars due to temperature and magnitude (brightness).
What is gravity? It is a force that pulls us closer to the Earth's core.
How do you describe the sun as a star? The sun is described as a star with medium size and medium brightness.
How are main sequence stars classified? They are classified by their color and size.
What are balanced and unbalanced forces? A balanced force is where the forces are even and an unbalanced force is where the forces are not even.
Created by: madie_clare