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semester review


How do you find velocity speed with direction
How fast does a radio wave move? At the speed of light.
True or false-The universe started as the big crunch. False-the big crunch is only a theory for the end of the universe.
What wave do u use for looking at the tempature of a star Infrared
true or false- newtons first law describes that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. false-thats newtons third law.
What happens when an atom loses or gains a proton. It becomes a new element.
The HR diagram describes what? A stars tempature and magnitude
What color are the hottest stars? Blue.
name the waves on the electro magnetic spectrum from highest to lowest energy. Gamma,xray,ultraviolet,visible light,infrared,microwave,radio wave.
The higher the frequency, the shorter the__ wavelength.
electrons are in the part of an atom known as the... electron cloud
The law of conservation of mass describes that matter cant be... created nor destroyed.
To have a lot of kinetic energy you must first have a lot of ... potential energy.
If it takes the suns light about 8 1/2 minutes to reach earth, how many light minutes does it take to reach earth. 8 1/2
How many AU does it take to reach the sun. 1 AU
Created by: blops2