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Semester Review 2


Define Hypothesis. Does a hypothesis have to be correct? An educated guess or answer to your problem No
How many steps are in the Scientific Method? 6
What are forceps used for? Used during dissection to move around small parts
How do hot plates work? Electricity
How many independent variables should a controlled experiment have? 1
Do all experiments require the same number of trials? Why is it a good idea to conduct multiple trials? No More trials give you more accurate results
Once an experiment is concluded and the results have been analyzed, what must a scientist do? Communicate results and draw a conclusion
An experiment was conducted to see if rats respond to extra Vitamin A. Group A receives a Vitamin A pill while Group B receives an empty pill. The group receiving an empty pill serves as a ______________. Control Group
What is the final step of the scientific method? Conclusion
The part of the experiment that can change is the ________________. Variable
The part of the experiment that stays the same is the ________________. Constant
Define control. The part of the experiment the experimenter compares to.
Give an example of: Qualitative Observation – Quantitative Observation – Qualitative Observation – descriptive data Quantitative Observation – data expressed by numbers
Scientists organize and record their data in ____________________. Charts, graphs, and data tables
The amount of water given to 2 lima bean plants will make them grow taller so vary the amount of water each receives. They are each planted in the same type of pot, in the same soil, and receive the same amount of light. What are the constants? Pot, soil, and light
What is the most IMPORTANT lab safety rule? Follow instructions given by the teacher
. Define “waft” and describe a situation where you must waft. Using your hand to wave fumes toward your nose The lab instructs you to smell the yellow powder in the petri dish
18. What tool would you use to find the volume of a regular solid? Ruler or meter stick
See how mice respond to certain amounts of light. Mouse A receives light for 2 hours. Mouse B receives light for 6 hours. Mouse C receives light for 18 hours. They all receive the same amount of food, water and living space. Hypothesis–If mice are given smaller amounts of light than they are used to, then they will sleep more and eat less. Independent Variable-Light Dependent Variable–Mouse Response
Give an example of an observation: The liquid in the beaker is clear.
Give an example of an inference: The liquid in the beaker is water because it’s clear
While collecting data for an experiment Gina took data two times a day and wrote down qualitative observations. What type of evidence was she gathering? Empirical evidence
What unit is used to measure temperature? Celsius
What unit is used to measure temperature? Bottom, middle
Name the base SI unit and the piece of equipment you would use to measure the following: Mass – Distance – Volume (Liquid) – Mass –grams Distance – meters Volume (Liquid) –liters
Why do you need to know how to use the metric system? It is used in other countries and by most scientists
Describe how to use a triple beam balance. Include the very FIRST thing you should do. Make sure the balance is zeroed Place object on balance Move the hundreds rider one notch at a time until the balance arrow sinks below the balance line. Move hundreds rider back one. Move the tens rider one notch at a time until the balance arrow sin
The independent variable belongs on which axis of a line graph? X (DRY-MIX)
You have collected information by counting. What type of graph would best represent the data? Bar graph
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