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Lucy Wu_Christine

For Readers Rally,check this out!

Who in Lucy’s Chinese family died that she misses most? Po Po, her grandmother
What does Lucy call the wall that she makes to separate her part of the room from Yi Po’s? The Great Wall of Lucy Wu
What is Lucy’s favorite sport? Basketball
Who is Madison? Lucy’s friend
What did Lucy think would be special about that year? It would be perfect.
What was the hardest drill in basketball? Suicides
Who was Jing Lao Shi? Lucy’s Chinese teacher
What was Lucy’s 1st plan for Chinese school? To act like she doesn’t want to do anything, or the Amelia Plan
What did Lucy do in the car after basketball practice? A quick makeover
Who wrote this poem If you don’t flush, Lucy Wu Will drink your pee And stir fry your poo?
What team was Petra on? Avalanche
What age did Petra look like? 16
What did Lucy practice all summer? Free throws
Who was Harrison? Lucy’s crush
What made Harrison? Lucy’s playful shove
What did you have to make the most of to be school captain in the basketball game? Free throws
What was the basketball game for? food for the local pantry
What did you have to bring to the basketball game? Cans of food
When was the last time Lucy thought she saw Talent playing basketball? Last Spring at the carnival at the mini basketball booth.
How is Yi Po related to Lucy Wu? Yi Po is Po Po's younger sister, Lucy Wu's great grandmother.
How did Harrison get on crutches? Lucy gave him a playful shove and he fell down the stairs at Chinese school.
Who is Lucy's new teacher? Ms. Phelps.
What did Lucy's basketball coach tell her team to do? 50 free throws everyday day of the summer.
What restaurant did Lucy go to at the begging of the book? Lucy went to the Golden Lotus.
Created by: horse24