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GS Exam Review

time before written history prehistory
people who pass stories by word of mouth oral tradition
the belief in one god monotheism
a story that explains people's beliefs myth
a series of rulers from the same family dynasty
early form of paper papyrus
the Hindu idea of nonviolence ahisma
the religious and moral duties of Hindus dharma
a worker who is especially skilled in crafting items by hand artisan
to tame wild animals domesticate
a ruler of wide spread lands empire
a time when there is so little food that many people starve famine
Why did scientists study the Iceman's clothing, tools, and body? to learn more about his life
How did people in the Old Stone Age get their food? Hunting and gathering berries
What did people develop the ability to do during the period of prehistory? to use fire
Why did civilization develop in the Fertile Crescent? there was soil
Describe the cities of Sumer They remain politically governed
What did the Phoenician alphabet make it easier for the people of the ancient world to do? It made it easier to talk to people that speak other languages
Why did civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt develop? rich soil
Describe India's physical geography trapped by mountains
List five religions of ancient civilizations Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity
a religion where people believe in peace and karma Hinduism
a strong, seasonal wind that blows across the desert monsoons
a formal writing system used by Egyptians hieroglyphs
a religion based on the Buddha Buddhism
established one of the oldest codes of law Hammurabi
the capital of Babylonia Babylon
a civilization on top of a rock Masada
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