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课程表,课业,考试,头脑 / 细胞。

课业 kèyè - study, curriculum
kè - subject, lesson
数学 shùxué - math
科学 kēxué - science
体育 tǐyù - gym
cāi - to guess
地理 dìlǐ - geography
历史 lìshǐ - history
美术 měishù - fine arts
xià - next
jié - class, period
怎么 zěnme - how about, why
shàng - last, previous
ài - to sigh
讨厌 tǎoyàn - annoying, hate
上课 shàngkè - to go to class
为什么 wèishénme - why
细胞 xìbāo - cell (biological)
就是 jiùshì - simply
头脑 tóunǎo - brain
聪明 cōngmíng - smart,clever
考试 kǎoshì - test
kǎo - to test (adj.)
还可以 háikěyǐ - okay
chà - poorly
de, dé, děi - to indicate degree - to recieve, to get - have to
fēn - points
zhǐ - only
准备 zhǔnbèi - to prepare
开夜车 kāiyèchē - to stay up late
好好儿 hǎohāor - to do one's best
课程表 kèchéngbiǎo - class schedule
姓名 xíngmìng - full name
班级 bānjí - class and grade
Created by: mma129
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