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Science Review

Ms. Marzulos class

When two forces act in opposite directions on an object what is the net force equal to? The difference between the two forces. (subtract)
If you pull a rope with 20N to the left and 10N to the right, which way will the rope go? left
A hockey puck slides along an icy surface. What makes it slow down? It rubs against the ice.
Gravitational attraction depends upon the _____ and _____ of the objects. distance and mass
An apple appears red because the apple ____. absorbs all colors except red
The normal is a line that is ____ to the surface the wave hits. perpendicular
The greater the change in speed, the ____________ the waves will bend. more
According to the Law of Reflection, the angle the incoming wave makes to the normal of the surface is ________ the angle of the outgoing wave. less than
What is the word that describes the tendency of objects to resist any change in their motion? inertia
What is the average speed of an object traveling 480 miles in 6 hours? 80mph
Bobby rides his bike at 3mph for 2 miles, how long did it take him? 0.67hr
Created by: Shadowslicah