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GEO Semester 1 FINAL

GEO Semester 1

Employs thousands of workers and creates large quantities of manufactured goods commercial industries
Name the 4 nations in the United Kingdom. England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales
Marshy inlets of lakes and rivers bayous
An example of a Spanish conquistador Cortes
What does I.R.A. stand for? Irish Republican Army
A nation's freedom from outside control sovereignty
What country did England fight for control of the New World? France
Number of days between the last frost of Spring and first frost of Fall Growing season
Area of high, flat land plateau
The production of goods, usually by hand and done in a home cottage industry
location of a place in relation to other places relative location
Whose poetry showed the harsh conditions the worker faced in Industrial Revolutionary England William Blake
factories along the U.S./ Mexican border maquiladoras
Super-continent that some believe once existed Pangea
study of where people, places, and things are located and how they relate to each other Geography
Name the 5 Themes of Geography Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, Region
What state is Portugal about the size of? Indiana
Name the 5 Nordic nations Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland
Name the 3 types of economies in the world command, traditional, market
Major trading center even after Katrina (CITY) New Orleans
banking and financial center of Canada (CITY Toronto
major airline hub of the U.S. South (CITY) Atlanta
uses aqueducts for people; smog is problem (CITY) Los Angeles
French center of Quebec and Canada (CITY) Montreal
National capitol of U.S. (CITY) Washington D.C.
England's key city; center of European trade (CITY) London
capital of united Germany (CITY) Berlin
capital of Italy; history filled (CITY) Rome
cultural center of Germany (CITY) Munich
cultural, economic capital of France (CITY) Paris
oil and banking center of U.S. South (CITY) Houston
major financial center of U.S. (CITY) New York
capitol of Mexico and largest city in nation (CITY) Mexico City
has serious concerns with subsidence; romantic place (CITY) Venice
capitol of Greece; 1st Olympics there (CITY) Athens
national capitol of Canada (CITY) Ottawa
has major harbor and Asian immigration (CITY) Vancouver
center of Catholic church and home to pope (CITY) Vatican City
central location allowed King of Spain to control all the regions (CITY) Madrid
lines that run N/S between the poles longitude
imaginary lines that run parallel to the Equator latitude
Canada's core provinces Ontario, Quebec
contains chemicals that eat away at surface of rocks acid rain
Cuban area of Miami, FL Little Havana
famous landmarks in Paris Louvre, Eiffel Tower
biggest fishing area near U.S. Newfoundland
highest mountain in Greece Mt. Olympus
What does G.P.S. stand for? Global Positioning System
Two politically neutral countries in Europe Switzerland, Austria
Area in Greece that has fallen down between two fault lines Grabens
Two groups that have trouble raising their social class in any culture Women and minorities
"cornerstone" of any culture language
the worshiping of one God monotheism
An example of Polytheism Buddhism
daughter of Henry VIII; greatest ruler in England's history Elizabeth I
largest island in Greece Crete
means relating to the sea maritime
strip of land that juts out into the ocean peninsula
western boundary of Illinois Mississippi River
movement of weathered materials such as gravel, soil, and sand erosion
biggest 3 cities in U.S. by population New York, LA, Chicago
artificial watering of farmland irrigation
dry, treeless plain that sprouts grasses and mosses tundra
government controlled oil company in Mexico PEMEX
workers that travel from place to place migrants
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