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2nd semester study

social studies final

what is a nickname for oil? black gold
southwest Asia has a large deposit of oil and ___ ___ natural gas
crude oils is also known as petroleum
oil that has been discovered but not used is what? oil reserve
Saudi Arabia has __ of the worlds population of oil reserves 1/4 one fourth
what is an average wealth with some being very rich ans others very poor? per capita GDP
what is people of the same race or nationality that shares the same culture? ethnic group
what is a set or individuals that share the same religious beliefs, rituals, or practices religious group
are these religious groups or ethnic groups; Arabs, Kurd, Persians ethnic groups
are these religious groups or ethnic groups; Jews, Christians, Muslims religious groups
what ethnic group wants its own country? Kurd
what are 3 things that Judisum, Christianity, and Muslims have in common? Jerusalem, they use the old testament, and they all are monotheistic
yes or no. the Sunni believed that the leader should have the same characteristics as Mohammed yes
yes or no. the Shia believed that the leader should be one of Mohammad's kin yes
what is the percentage of people in a country that can read and write? literacy rate
Created by: Hannah6