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Ch. 6! Theology./


Explain the difference between the five major groups that were in Israel at the time of Christ: Essenes, Samaritans, Zealots, Pharisees, Sadducees. Pharisees- "separated"/ added rituals Samaritans- mixed/heretics Sadducees- polictal authority/denied angels Zealots- reaction to idoltary Essences- religous community/ baptisms
What did Isaiah say about the coming Messiah? Isiah said "nations shall come to your light" and "bring gold and frankincense"
In what way is John the Baptist fulfilling part of Isaiah’s prophecy? a voice crying out to the lord
What is the significance of the prophet Malachi in relation to John the Baptist? Malachi was before John the Baptist and foretold people that a prophet much like Elijah would come and turn the hearts of the people
When was Jesus’ first miracle? What was special about this one? The turning water into wine. this was unigue because it didnt invole a grand display for the world to see it was more like a simple gesture
7. What did Christ’s miracles usually accomplish? What are the main types of miracles He would perform? Most of His miracles would display His greatness to the world. The 3 types: 1) Connected with forgiving sins. 2) exhibiting power over demons. 3) corrected with sickness.
What three gifts did the Magi bring, and what did they symbolize about Christ? Frankincense- priesthood/spiritual divinity Myrrh- used to anoint priests of Israel Gold- Christs royalty
What is the relationship between the Last Supper and the Passover? The traditional Passover meal consisted of a lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs. The clelebration consisted of 4 "cups" were shared with its own prayer and meaning
What was the relationship between sin and sickness in the Old Testament? How did Christ impact this understanding? a person who complains saying "I am sick" (sin) will be forgiven for their complainant
What is the difference in the behavior of Judas and Peter after each betrayed Christ? Judas repented but did not ask for mercy. Peter repented ans asked for mercy
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