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lATIn vOCAb eXAm

latin vocabulary

nomen, nominis, n name noun nomination,nominate, nomenclature, nominal
Puella, puellae, f girl
habito, habitare to dwell/ to live in verb habitat, inhabitance
villa, villae, f villa noun village, villa
laetus, a, um happy adj. elated, elation
arbor, arboris, f tree noun arborist, arboreal
sedeo sedere to sit verb sedintary, sediment
lego, legere to read verb lecture, legible, illegible
vicinus, a, um neighboring adj. vicinity, vicinal
scribo, scribere to write verb scribe, scribble, prescription, subscribe, scripture, script, description
defessus, a, um tired adj.
hodie today adverb of time today
amicus, amici, m amica, amicae,f friend noun amicable, amity, amiable
curro, currere to run verb current, curriculum, court, course
ager, agri,m field noun agriculture, agrarian
tandem at last adv.
sed but conj.
(non)iam no longer adv.
ambulo, ambulare to walk verb ambulance, ambulatory, amble
Brevi tempore in a short time adv. breif, temporary, brevity, abbreviation
puer, pueri, m boy noun
hortus, horti garden noun horticulture
vir, viri, m man noun virile
solus, a, um alone adj. solo
cado, cadere to fall verb
rideo, ridere to laugh verb ridicul, ridiculus, risable
iratus, a, um angry adj. irritated, irratable
servus, servi, m slave noun survant, survial
clamo, clamare to shout verb clamer
laboro, laborare to work verb labor, labitory
subito suddenly adv.
multus, a, um many adj. multiple
voc, vocis, f voice noun
terreo, terrere to frighten, terrify verb terror, terrify
nihil (indeclinable) nothing noun
video, videre to see verb video
semper always adv sempereadem
amo, amare to like, to love verb conamore
vexo, vexare to annoy verb vex
audio, adire to hear, listen to verb audio
magnus, a, um big, great, larg, loud verb magnify, magnificent
infirmus, a, um weak, shaky adj. infirmary
appropinquo, appropinquare to approach, to come near verb propinquity
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