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HOMEC Fall Semester

Principles of Human Services Fall Exam

What is the meaning of self-confidence? people who are confident in their abilities
5 Ways to help you reach your full potential -> Be Health Smart -> Choose friends who support you -> Be focused on your goals -> Check out your interests and activities -> Use your potential in positive ways
What is a goal A goal is something that you plan to do or have and for which you are willing to work.
Goals should be: S: Specific C: Challenging O: Organized: R: Realistic E: Evolving
________ ________ goals are goals that can be accomplished in the near future. Short term
_____ ______ goals are goals that are far reaching and it may take a long time to achieve it. Long term
Define Character Character is a combination of traits that show maturity and ethical principles
What are ethical principles? Ethical Principles are standards of right and wrong.
The foundation of character is based of a ______________________ set of values
Anything that you use to accomplish something is a resource
Abbreviations for: tablespoon, teaspoon, cup, pound, ounce, gallon, quart, pint The abbreviations are: T. or tbsp. , t. or tsp. , c. , lb. , oz. , gal. , qt , pt.
(Definitions begin from this flashcards) Grease the rub a surface with fat, such as shortening and butter.
Chop to cut into irregular pieces.
Mince to chop into fine pieces.
Preheat to bring a heating unit to a specific temperature before using it.
Boil to cook liquid at boiling temperature; the liquid rapidly bubbles.
Simmer to cook liquid below the boiling temperature so that the liquid barely bubbles.
Slice to cut into small pieces
Chill to refrigerate until cold
Fry to cook liquid in hot fat
Roll to roll a dough to an even thickness, using a rolling pin.
Brown to cook small amount of food at high temperature so that the surface browns
Combine to mix 2 or more ingredients
Knead to press and fold dough with hands until smooth.
Dice (definitions end here) to cut into 1/4th inch cubes.
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use: You want to drain spaghetti after it has finished cooking Colander
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use: You want to protect the counter-tops when slicing tomato Cutting boards
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use: You want to measure 2 cups of folur to add to a recipie dry measuring cup
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use: You want to flatten a dough to make sugar cookies rolling pin
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use: You want to serve vegetable soup into bowls ladle
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use:You want to flip hamburger on the grill turner
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use: You want to scrape off cookie dough from the sides of the mixing bowl rubber scraper
Identification of which kitchen utensil to use: You want to level powdered sugar that you have measured metal spatula
What is the maximum length of time that leftovers can safely be stored in the refrigerator 3 - 5 days
What does 'perishable' mean? Foods that are likely to be spoilt quickly
Keep hot foods at or above temperature of: 140 F
Keep cold foods at or below temperature of 40 F
What is the maximum length of time cooked foods can safely stand in room temperature? 2 hours
What should be washed after handling meat? -> Hands -> Knives -> Cutting Board
2 types of bacteria that can cause food poisoning -> E coli -> Salmonellla
Define Cross Contamination The transfer of harmful bacteria from one source to another
Wash your ________ before handling food. hands
When in doubt, ____ it out throw
A ___________ is a list of directions for preparing a specific food recipie
What is the meaning of yield? the number of servings a recipe can provide
3 General Guidelines when reading a recipe -> Read the recipe carefully and make sure that you have understood all the terms -> Assemble all ingredients and equipment needed before you start -> Do any necessary preparations such a preheating, etc.
What should you do when there is agrease fire? Put baking soda over it.
What should you use when handling hot objects in the kitchen? Use pot-holders.
How do we reach high items in the kitchen? We stand on a sturdy stool
What should you do if you spill something on the countertop or the floor? Wipe it up immedietly
What type of conversations are appropriate while eating at a table? Pleasant
Who notifies you when to be seated? Host / Hostess
Why is it important to have knowledge about good table manners? to make a good impression and alleviate the awkwardness new situations may arise.
How can you let the server at the restaurant know that you are ready to order? We close the menu and place it to the corner of the table.
What are the 6 Nutrients? -> Carbohydrates -> Fats -> Protiens -> Vitamins -> Minerals -> Water
Why are nutrients important to your body? We need nutrients to keep our bodies in good working coditions
What is the difference between the 2 types of fats? Saturated fates are usually solid in room temperature and Unsaturated fats are usually liquid in room temperature.
What are the 2 categories of vitamins? Which of them can the body store? The 2 categories of vitamins are water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in the body
Which nutrient should supply most of your calories? Carbohydrates
How long does food stay in your stomach? 3 - 5 hours
What are amino acids? They are chemical compounds that make up proteins.
How much water should you drink per day? 6 - 8 Glasses
Which nutrient is the body's main source of energy? Carbohydrate
Which nutrient helps carry the other nutrients to your cells and carries waste from your body? Water
Which nutrient helps your body to build, maintain and repair tissues? Protien
Obsession about food, combined with mental and emotion problem indicates a ____________________________ eating disorder
What is the difference between anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder? Anorexia is classified as self starvation., bulimia is classified as eating lot of food over a short period of time and then punge and binge eating disorder is classified as compulsive over-eating.
What are some warning signs of eating disorder? -> Using bathroom right after having food -> Over eating and then over exercising -> Just pretending to be eating food.
What is interior designing? A career in which a designer strives to enhance an interior living space to make in functional, comfortable and beautiful.
What is a Floor Plan? A diagram of room arrangement
What is a traffic pattern? Paths people use to get form one area or room to another.
What are the elements of design? ->Space ->Shape ->Line ->Color ->Texture
Which element of design is often called the most important of all decorating tools? Color
Which element of design describes the way an object's surface look and feel? Texture
Which element of design refers to the outline of an object? Line
Which element of design is the form and structure of solid objects which is created when the lines are combined? Shape
Which element of design refers to the 3-dimensional area to be designed? Space
Which is a helpful tool for understanding and using color? Color Wheel
What are the Color Schemes? -> Complementary: Made up of 2 colors directly opposite to each other on the color wheel -> Monochromatic: uses variations of only one color -> Tradic: uses 3 colors the same distance away from one another on the color wheel Continued...
What are the color Schemes? (Part 2) Analogous: is made up of 2 or more colors next to each other on the color wheel. -> Split-Complementary: results when a color is combined with colors on each side of its complement.
What are the 6 pillars of character? T: Trustworthiness R: Respect R:Responsibility F: Fairness C: Caring C: Citizenship
Created by: k1213801