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Tech. Fall Vocab

Concepts of Engineering and Technology Vocabulary for Fall Semester

Diagnosis the process of examining a patient and studying the symptoms to find out what illnesses a patient has
Immunization a process that protects the human body against a diseases
Human factors Engineering the design process that gives special attention to the strengths and limitations of the human body and create products out of those limitations
Bio-Mechanical Engineering The process of using engineering principles and design procedures to solve medical problems
Ergonomics the study of designing equipment and devises that fit the human body, its movement and its thinking pattern
Genetic Engineering the process of changing genetic material that make up living organisms
Prosthesis Man-Made devices that are used to replace human body parts
Hydroponics the growing of plants in a soil-less environment
Chromosomes a tiny particle that carries genes that pass on inherited characteristics
Bio-related Technology Technology that improves the techniques used to nurture life.
Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology of producing perfect growing conditions of growing crops
Selective Breeding the technique of combination of traits of one animal with the traits of another.
Genetics The science that studies the laws of hereditary
Photosynthesis the process in which plants convert sunlight into energy
Heredity the passing on of certain traits from parents to offsprings
Input the different possible solution ideas
Resources the amount of goods and services to be used
Output the outcome of the result of the inputs and resources that are used
Feedback the decision of weather to use the combination of inputs or not.
Mechanization (in terms of agriculture) the use of machines in agriculture to make work easier
Enetrgy the ability of a physical system to do work
Work the integral force over a displacement, which is a process of transferring energy
Potential Energy the ability of a physical system to do work due to its position or internal structure
Kinectic Energy the energy of motion or the energy that is in use
Law of Conservation of Mass Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be changed from one form to another.
Gravitational Potential Energy the potential energy that depends of height
Energy Transformation the transfer of energy from one form to another
Model a mathematical formula, a miniature representation and a simplified system
Constain limitation
Moore's Law computing power increases exponentially
System a combination of parts that work together to achieve a desired goal
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