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TECH Fall Semester

Concepts of Engineering and Technology Fall Semester Preparations

A _________ is a combination of parts what work together to achieve a desired goal. system
A system model has inputs, resources, processes, outputs, and feedback. (true/false) true
A unit for inherited trait is a gene
Approximately how many artifical body parts are now made? 200
Aquaculture is the raising of fish and food plants in water
Chemicals that plants need to grow are nutrients
Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is used to provide ideal growing conditions
Examples of prostheses include artificial arms and legs, false teeth, and replacement heart valves
Health technologies help us meet many of our physical and psychological needs by providing us with products, processes, and procedures
In bioprocessing, microorganisms are used to create products such as bread, clean polluted bodies of water, and process waste in treatment plants
In plants, genetic information is passed from one plant to another through cross-pollination
In the Informational Era, _____ are used in science, production, and business and at school, home and for recreation. electronics and computers
In the prehistoric Era, technology had to do with people hunting and fishing and gathering plants. true
Modern health care technology focuses on three major areas: prevention of disease, treatment, and diagnosis of illness
People should study technology o they can ________ it well understand, use, and manage
Selecting different inputs changes the values of the ________. resources and outputs
substances placed in the body to increase its immunity to disease are called vaccines
Systems produce _______ output(s) desirable, undesirable, expected, and unexpected
Technology is growing at a(n) ______ rate. exponential
Technology is the use of accumulated knowledge to turn resources into good and services that people need and want (true/false) true
The "Americans with Disabilities Act" is a federal law that sets requirements for designing public places to be accessible to people with disabilities
The body's natural defense system is its immune system
The design and construction of physical enhancements is one activity within human factors engineering
The green substance in plants that traps light for photosynthesis is chlorophyll
The process of creating plants using cuttings of roots, stems, or leaves is vegetative propagation
The technological problem solving method is a ______ process. cyclical
The use of engineering principles and design procedures to solve medical problems (______ engineering) bio mechanical
The use of machines to make work easier is called mechanization
There are ________ basic steps in the technological problem solving method. six
Transportation technology includes the telephone, radio, television, photography, desktop publishing, and the internet. (true/false) false
two main types of human technology resources are information resources and material resources
Two tools that medical technologists use to "see" into the body are the CAT scan and the MRI
Ultrasound is used mainly in diagnosis
Vaccines, medicine, surgery, artificial body parts, and genetic engineering are included in ________ technology. medical
What is.... A people-made device used to replace a human body part. prosthesis
What is.... a process of changing the genetic materials that make up living organisms. (____ engineering) genetic
What is.... a process of examining a patient and studying the symptoms to find out what illness a patient has. diagnosis
What is.... a technique used to combine the traits of one animal with those of another animal selective breeding
What is.... an action that protects the body against disease? immunization
What is.... technology that improves the techniques used to nurture life bio-related
What is.... the design process that gives special attention to the strengths and limitations of the human body (____ _____ engineering) human factors
What is.... the passing on of certain traits from parents to offspring heredity
What is.... the passing on the introduction of genes from one cell to another cell genetic engineering
What is.... the passing on the process that uses living microorganisms or parts of organisms to change materials from one form to another bio-processing
What is.... the process o f growing plants in a soilless environment hydroponics
What is.... The process plants use to convert sunlight to energy photosynthesis
What is.... the science that studies the laws of heredity genetics
What is.... the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body, its movement, and its thinking patterns. ergonomics
What is.... the technology of producing the perfect growing conditions so plants can thrive CEA
What is.... the tiny particle that carries the genes that pass on inherited characteristics chromosome
When designing environments, human factors engineers must consider human anatomy, psychology, lighting, and temperature
When designing equipment and devices, human factors engineers must consider the anatomy of humans as well as their mind and behavior
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