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Advenio advenire, adveni Arrive
Aedificium Building
Aeger: aegrum The other, the second
Canto, cantare, cantavi Sing
Ceteri The others, the rest
Coniuratio: coniurationem Plot
Custos: custodem Gaurd
Decido, decidere, decidi Fall down
Dico, dicere, dixi Say
Exito, excitare, excitavi Arouse, wake up
Fessus Tired
Horreum Bard, grainary
Interficio, interficere, interfeci kill
Ita vero Yes
Nolo, nolle, nolui Do not want, refuse
Novus New
Nullus Not any, no
Numero, numerare, numeravi Count
Ordo: ordinem Row
Possum, posse, potui Can, be able
Retineo, retinere, retinui Keep
Ruo, ruere, rui Rush
Se Himself, herself, themselves
Sum, esse, fui Be
Traho, trahere, traxi Drag
Vita Life
Volo, velle, volui Want
Vulnero, vulnerare, vulneravi Wound
Aliquid Something
Apud (+ACC) Among, at the house of
Attonitus Astonished
Aula Palace
Cotidie Every day
Decorus Right, proper
Deleo, delere, delevi Destroy
Deus [dei, di (nom. pl.)] God
Difficilis Difficult
Diligenter Carefully
Domina Mistress
Donum Present, gift
Familiaris:familiarem Relative, relation
Fidelis Faithful, loyal
Ipse, ipsa Himself, herself
Iste That
Lavo, lavare, lavi Wash
Maritus Husband
Necesse Necessary
Nobilis: nobilem Noble
Num? Surely . . . not?
Quam How
Quamquam Although
-que And
Rex: regem King
Ubi When
Alius, alia, aliud Other, another
Aqua, f. Water
Claudo, Claudere, Clausi Shut, block
Commodus, commoda, commodum Convenient
Debeo, debere, debui Owe, ought
Effigies:effigiem, f. Image, statue
Equus, m. Horse
Etiam Even
Fractus, fracta, fractum Broken
Impedio, impedire, impedivi Delay, hinder
Lectus, m. Couch
Lente Slowly
Mare, n. Sea
Miser, misera, miserum Miserable, wretched
Nauta, m. Sailor
Plaustrum, n. Wagon, cart
Praesum, Praeesse, praefui (+DAT) Be in charge of
Princeps: principem, m. Cheif, cheiftain
Qui, quae, quod Who, which
Redeo, redire, redii Return, go back
Sacredos: sacredotem, m. Priest
Saxum, n. Rock
Teneo, tenere, tenui Hold
Unda, f. Wave
Vinco, vincere, vici Win, conquer
a, ab (+ABL) From, away from
Agmen, agmenis, n. Column (of people), procession
Animus, animi, m. Spirit, soul, mind
Appropinquo, appropinquare, appropinquavi (+DAT) Approach, come near to
Ara, arae, f. Alter
Bene Well
Binignus, benigna, benignum Kind
Diu For a long time
Exanimatus, exanimata, exanimatum Unconscious
Facilis, facilis, facile Easy
Graviter Seriously
Haereo, haerere, haesi Stick, cling
Huc Here, to this place
Impetus, impetus, m. Attack
Insula, insulae, f. Island
Invitus, invita, invitum Unwilling
Itaque And so
Litus, litoris, n. Shore
Maximus, maxima, maximum Very big, very large, very great
Multitudo, multitudinis, f. Crowd
Numquam Never
Pauci, paucae, pauca Few, a few
Pervenio, pervenire, perveni Reach, arrive at
Quondam One day, once
Recipio, recipere, recipi Recover, take back
Resisto, resistere, restiti (+DAT) Resist
Sine (+ABL) Without
Soleo, solere be accustomed, usually
Created by: hankmitchell44