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Reading II

Semester Exam Vocabulary

Surveillance- A watch
Scope- The extent covered
Pitfall- Problem
Pollution- Things that harm the environment
Outcome- Result
Violation- Breach or breaking of a law/rule
Authorize- To give an authority or an official power
Transform- To change
Comply- To agree
Justify- To prove that it's valid; to verify
Potential- Possible; capable to become; capacity
Inevitable- Unable to be avoided
Anonymous- Unknown; don't see
Visual- Sight
Legitimate- Legal; according to the law
Commodity- Something useful or valued
Province- A territory; region; administrative unit of a country
Philosophy- A belief
Perspective- Point of view
Electronics- Electrical devices (ex. cellphones and computers)
Consume- To use up
Invest- To put in money
Prosper- To be successful or fortunate
Maunfacture- To build
Attain- To achieve
Economic- Money
Contemporary- Hapenning now
Green- Recycling
Created by: U0105006