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Government laws and regulations usually reduce businesses' economic risks. False
The best way to prevent the human risk of employee incompetence is by providing extensive employee safety training. False
The corporate form of ownership offers the most protection from losses. True
Because employee carelessness can pose an enormous human risk to business, it is common for companies to require drug testing in preemployment screenings. True
Proper store lighting and well-organized merchandise displays in retail stores can increase sales and decreasing external theft. True
Adam owns an automobile repair shop. Recently, he purchased a new property insurance policy. What is this policy an example of? risk avoidance
What is the sole propieter usually required to have in order to borrow money? life insurance
What business risk can result from demographic and psychographic changes in the population? economic risk
A customer who writes a check to pay for merchandise but who knows that his or her checking account does not have enough money to cover the check is guilty of check _______. fraud
In business, the possibility of financial loss is known as ______. risk
New employee orientations are an example of risk _______. prevention control
A customer who steals merchandise on display in a retail store is guilty of a crime called ______. shoplifting
A delivery service hired a bonded driver to transport goods If the driver steals merchandise the ________ will pay of for the loss. bonding company
Market research is an excellent way for a company to engage in _________, because such research may cause a business to decide against investing in a particular product. avoidance
insures against losses caused by a failure to complete a job on time or as agreed surety bond
loyalty, faithfulness, honesty fidelity
can lead to financial gain or failure business risk
change in general business conditions that could result in lost sales for a company economic risk
occurs frequently in businesses that depend on fashions and trends product obsolescence
contract whose purpose is to cover certain business risks insurance policy
theft that occurs at the cash register point-of-sale
person who receives money from a will or an insurance policy beneficiary
the possibility of loss resulting from unexpected weather conditions natural risk
stopping or keeping something from happening prevention
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