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asian science vocab

i dont know but it was homework

HR Diagram A graph that shows the temperature of stars
Main Sequence Star the part of the graph where it shows when higherin temperature and brightness
White Dwarf Star Small stars located on the lower left of the HR Diagram
Red Giant star Large stars located on the upper right of the HR diagram
Elliptical Galaxy Galaxies shaped like large, 3D ellipses
Speed How fast an object is moving
Velocity The rate at which an object changes position
Force A push or a pull
Newton The SI unit of force
Direction The path at which an object takes
Nucleus The center of an atom
Proton Psitive charge in the nucleus of an atom
Neutron A neutral charge within the nucleus of an atom
Electron A negative charge in the nucleus of an atom
Beaker Holds liquids and for ballpark estimates
Microscope measures microscopic objects
Ruler Measures lenghts of objects
Apron Protects your clothes
Thermometer Measures temperature
Atom The smallest particle that elements are made up of
Created by: XxfoxfirexX