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Law and Justice Intr

Test 4

title in the Georgia code where you would find jurisdiction for Juvenile courts would be: title 15
The title in the code of Georgia where you would find crimes is: title 16
It is legal for a person under the age of 21 to consume alcohol if: it is at a religious service
A "child" is defined as: all of above
"unruly child" is: wander streets past curfew
a juvenile between 13 and 17 will fall under superior court jurisdiction: They commit the crimes of murder or aggravated battery
Juvenile records are sealed: 2 years since the final discharge if you haven't been convicted again
The term "peace officer" refers to a person that maintains order and may make arrests
If the punishment for a crime is not identified in the code book as felony or misdemeanor it is: misdemeanor
Swinging at someone but not actually making contact, threatening gestures: simple assault
to cause death of another with malice afterthought murder
making physical contant with another in a violent or provoking way simple battery
death that happened around a felony felony murder
to cause the death of another in the comission of an unlawful act that isnt a felony involuntary mansloughter
when in possession of a firearm or weapon or person obtains a motor vehicle hijacking a vehicle
when one intentionally intentionally injures another reulting in the disfiguring of the body aggravated battery
when one assaults with intend to murder or rob aggravated assault
one abducts another without lawful authority kidnapping
harrassing or intimidating stalking
by means of fire, one damages dwelling arson
more than 500 dollars in damage criminal damage
less than 500 dollars in damage criminal tresspassing
to commit a felony by which one enters a dwelling burglary
anything to do with a bomb explosive device
altering a price tag shoplifting
using trickery to sway one's belief deception
threatening to accuse someone of crime extorsion
taking property by sudden snatching theft by robbery
possession of stolen property theft by recieving
standing in between an officer and a door that has a warrant obstruction
trying to convince a juror to vote in a certain way embracery
2 students get into a fist fight in the lunchroom afray
Mark Furman lied on the post is an example of what? perjury
When one swears to give a truthful statement then lies false swearing
It is a misdemeanor: less than one ounce of marijuana
adds 5 years to jail in addition to any other punishment possession of firearm
Requires waiting period and background checks for handgun purchases Brady Law
Controlled Substance Act Act 13
Threatening someone's life terroristic threats
offense against public order and safety Chapter 11
Damage to and intrusion upon property Chapter 7
Theft Offenses Chapter 8
Crimes against a person Chapter 5
Forgery and Fraudulent Practices Chapter 9
7 Deadly Sins Murder Armed Robbery Treason Hijacking on an plane Felony murder Rape Kidnapping with harm or ransom
Served in Iraq-Man with mental problems insanity
man shoots burglar self defense
Family is held hostage with man robs bank duress
homeless 9 year old boy steals food neccessity
7 Ideals Elements of a Crime harm legality actus reas mens rea causation concurrence punishment
Created by: tessa1hope
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