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Earth and Time


What is the first geologic era? Precambrian
What is the oldest tree that we know is almost 5000 years old? Methuselah
A scientist who studies fossils. Paleontologist
What is the last era in geologic era? Cenozoic
What is halflife? How long it takes half of a radioactive element to decay.
What is geology? The study of rocks and rock formations.
What is superposition? The bottom layer is older than the layer on top.
What is relative dating? Putting events in the order in which they happened.
What are fossils? Remains or traces of dead animals/plants that has been preserved.
what is lateral continuity? Layers placed side by side matched up.
What is original horizontalality? Layers that were formed horizontally,but were tilted vertically at some point.
What is faunal succession? Fossils to put an age on rock layers.
What are inclusions? Older rocks that are in other rocks.
What is cross cutting? younger veins cut through layers of rock.
Created by: Teanna King