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Weather & Atmosphere

Air is a mixture of what things in the atmosphere? 1) Nitrogen, 2) Oxygen, 3) Carbon Dioxide 4) Other Gasses
The atmosphere is held close to the surface of the earth by the force of what? Gravity
Air pressure is measured with what type of instrument, a ______? Barometer
God designed what to provide the air we breathe, to protect the earth, and to control the climate? Atmosphere
Who designed the atmospher to provide for mankind? God
What is the layer of the atmosphere closest to the earth? The Troposphere
What is the layer of oxygen in the stratosphere that protects the earth from the sun's harmful rays? The Ozone layer
What is the second layer of the atmosphere? The Stratosphere
What is the layer of the atmosphere in which Weather occurs? The Troposphere
What is the thin blanket of gases and dust particles that surround and protect the earth? Atmosphere
The weight of the air is called what? Air Pressure
What is the measurement of the distance above sea level? Altitude
What is the condition of the atmosphere at any moment in time? Weather
do Hurricanes form over land or water? Water
Is a barometer an instrument that measures air pressure? Yes, true
Is a tornado a snowstrom with strong, freezing winds? No, False
What is Moisture that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground calle? Precipitation
What is the profession of a person that studies the atmosphere and the weather called? Meterorologist
Does Hail usually fall during COLD weather? No, false
Does an anemometer show the direction from which the wind is blowing? No, false
Water vapor in the atmosphere is a called what? Humidity
What is Ice that falls during Warm Weather called? Hail
What forms from condensd water vapor or ice crystals? Clouds
What forms when liquid raindrops fall through air that is below freezing? Sleet
What forms when water droplets in the clouds join together to form larger drops before falling to the earth? Rain
What forms when ice crystals in the clouds join together and fall to the earth? Snow
What is a large body of air that has about the same temperature and moisture called? Air Mass
What are winds that are influenced by temperature changes in a small area called? Local Winds
What is the boundary where two unlike air masses meet called? Front
What are sinds that move in large circular belts around the earth called? Global winds
Name three types of clouds? 1) Stratus 2) Cirrus 3) Cumulus
Describe a Stratus Cloud? Looks long and narrow like string
Describe a Cumulus Cloud? Puffy like a cotton ball, accumulated
Describe a Cirrus Cloud? In between being a string and a cotton ball
When the word NIMBUS is added to the name of a cloud, what does that tell you about the cloud? The cloud will produce Precipitation
What is the difference between a weather watch and a weather warning? 1)Weather watch: conditions are right for severe weather, but not currently happening 2) Weather Warning, A storm has started and people have seen it.
A high-pressure (dense) air mass usually has what type of air? Cool and Dry air
A Low-pressure (light) air mass usuall has what type of air? Warm and Moist air
Is a high - pressure air mass, light or dense? Dense (Cool and Dry)
Is a low - pressure air mass, light of dense? Light (Warm and moist)
What instrument shows the Direction wind is blowing from? A Wind Vane
What is the instrument call that measures Wind Speed? Anamomater
What does an Anamomater measure? Wind Speed
What does a Wind Vane do? Shows the direction the wind is blowing
What happens to water vapor at high altitudes? It cools
Why are dew anf frost not considered forms of precipitation? It doesn't fall from the sky
Are dew and frost considered forms of precipitation? No, false because it doesn't fall from the sky
What is the word form that is added to a cloud's name to indicate that the cloud produces precipitation? Nimbas
List two actions you should take to be ready for approaching severe weather? Plan ahead, supplies like water & food, radio, batteries, Listen to weather forecasts
when does a thunderstorm occur? When a warm mass meats a cold air mass
Created by: vmlmyway