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30_aaron sweet_


to restrictsales of a declining product to certain local areas. regionalize
dated; no longer in fashion. obsolete
a business's group of closely related products. product line
a time when companies match their objective against the idea for a new product. screening ideas
includes decisions about all features and services needed to sell a product. product planning
a specific model, brand, or size. product item
helps retailers balance cost of accept new products. slotting fee
group of product lines with same target market. category
the number of different product lines a business sells. product width
A manufacturer's techinque for helping retailers maximize shelf space use planogram
When a company discounts a products and uses advertising phrases such as "compare and save," the product is in its stage in the product life cycle.
"Last Stop Grocery sells 12 different kinds of canned tomatoes. Last Stop does not sell any other type of canned vegetable.Therefore,in the area of canned produce,Last Stop does NOT offer a great deal of products
MEOW cat food company began its business with one flavor of cat food.Now MEOW offers shrimp,chicken,and liver flavors.Each of the new flavors is called a line of the original cat food.
A product includes all the products a company makes or sells.
Businesses make decisions about product packaing,ladeling,and distribution during the " the product"step of new product development.
In advertising the socks,the manufacturer focuses on the customer satisfaction the socks provide.Meanwhile, competitors labor frantically to make a comparable product.Clearly,Super Feet socks are in the stage of their product life cycle.
A low-cost method for adding to a business's product line is by changing slightly
A manicure, a karate lesson, and a pencil are all products. F
Test marketing is specific geographic areas in an indispensible (or absolutely necessary)part of the product development process. F
Ready Writers has just introduced a ballpoint pen that is very similar to older pen models except that the new pen's casing comes in a variety of fashion colors. Despite its similarity to existing products, it is likely that the new pen will be sold
successfuly at a 10 percent higher price than the older products. T
Technical products are detected at the idea stage of new product development. F
Lil' Stampers is a store that features 527 varieties of signatures, business, and novelty stamps. The store also sells inked stamp pads pads in 64 different colors. Thus, the store offers its customers great product depth. T
During what product lifecycle stage do companies send a great deal of time and money fighting off competitiion? A
During which product development step do companies consider a products's potential sales, costs, and product requirements? D
During which key step of the new product development process do many companies - particularly food and drug manufactures - experience long delays? C
What is the least profitable stage of a product's life cycle? B
During which step of new product development do companies focus on such products characteristics as market size, marketing impact, and effect on the company image? A
A low-cost method for adding to a business's product line is by changing slightly an already-existing product. This method is known as product___________________. modification
Businesses try to create a product image that will appeal to the appropriate target markets. This practice is reffered to as product ________________. positoning
Martin's Muffins sold muffins-all kinds of muffins- and coffee. One day, Martin decided to add bagels and croissants to his muffin menu. Martin was engaging in a business practice known as product________________. extension
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