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the price for which a business will provide a good or service. bid
also known as price range base price
sales decrease and profit margins are reduced. decline stage
techniques that appeal to a target market's perceptions and buying habits. psychological pricing
a partical refund from the manufacturer on the cost of a product. rebate
exchange of an old product model for a price reduction on a new model. allowance
a percentage expressing the difference between the price of an item and its cost. markup
basic premise of suppply and demand theory. demand diffrential
requires all customers to pay the same price for a product. one-price policy
method for encouraging trendsetting customers to purchase a product. skimming pricing
Karen always begins each pricing assignment by calculating the cost of making the new dessert.then she adds the projected profit margin in order to arrive at the retail price. Thus , karen uses the concept of________pricing. cost-oriented
Irene went to a baseball game and paid $6 to sit in the upper level of the stadium above the third base line. Keesha paid $35 to go to the same game and sit in the box seats behind home plate. The diffrent in the ticket prices is an example of____pricing. demand-oriented
Savco Drugs is offering tubes of sunblock at three tubes for $15. This is an example of ________pricing. multiple-unit
E-tailing has increased the popularity of flexible pricing. True
Penetration pricing encourages volume sales which increase a company's profit margin but also increase its fixed costs. False
Outdated technology in the U.S. may be in the growth stage in other global markets. True
It is not possible to set a price too low because a target market will always be attracted to low-cost items. False
Very little price changes will be made for products introduced with skimming prices. False
What is the contract term 3/10 net 30 extra 60 an example of? discount pricing
A stationery and gift store has a sale on July 5th of all small American flags and of red, white, and blue paper goods. Customers are given 50 percent off the price of the goods. What is this an example of? seasonal discount
In what product life-cycle stage is a product in when a product's marketers are looking for new market segments? maturity
What is every day low pricing a part of? psychological pricing
What is the most temporary of the psychological pricing techniques? promotional
_____ pricing is a new-product pricing method that allows a company to attract a large number of customers quickly or to lure customers from another brand by lowering prices. Penetration
Because he enjoys bargaining with the growers, Denis is glad the growers use the pricing policy called_____ flexible-price
Companies selling luxury products price them at amounts such as $30, $50, and $100. This psychological pricing technique is called _____ pricing. odd-even
The pricing method in which there is no relationship between cost and price or between demand and price is called __________ pricing competition-oriented
The Settee Company suggests a list price of $850 for its finest sofa. If the series trade discounts are 30 percent for retailers and 15 percent for wholesalers, the wholesalers would pay ______ for each sofa. $505.75
When a company prices its products in line with the market leader's prices, the company is using a pricing method called _____ pricing. going-rate
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