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14 Sudy Stack

contrdictation of a statement F. denial
to state the meaning of a statement H. paraphrase
language most people can understand A. layman's terms
a neutral personor previous customer B. third party
reasons for not buying or seeing a salesperson G. Excuses
language used with industrial buyers C. Jargon
a list of reasons for not purchasing a product and possible responses to those reasons E. Objection analysis sheet
recommending a diffrent product D. substitution method
concerns, hesitations, doubts K. objections
a possitive statement about the quality of a product J. testimonial
a technique that answers objections by showing the customer how to operate a product is called the ________ method. demonstration
the third party method of handiling objections requires the use of ______ from sastified customers testimonials
An effective way of maintaining thew customers intrest in a product presentation is to the ________ the customer in the presentation. involve
A customer says "I'm sure the finish on this table will warp." Bill assures that the table has been specially treated to prevent its warping. Bill uses the _______ method of handiling objections. denial
Always showing how to use the appliance the customer is thinking of buying is ______ selling. consultative
A salesperson can use newspaper articles, graphs, and customer testimonials as sales ______ in presenting a product. aids
In some sales situations, is possible for a salesperson to confront and answer anticipated __________ by incorporating them in the presentation. objections
If unable to determine immediately a customer's price range for buying a particular item. Begin a presentation by offering items in the ______ price renge. medium
Sasha remarked that the boutique charged twice as much for its merchandise. by using the ______ method Charlotte assured Sasha that her merchandise is one of a kind. superior point
" My spouse and I would love to take this trip to Hawaii that ypu've described, but we have to repaint our house and we really should replace our refrigerator. " What is such an objection based on? B
" I can't buy this software program. I don't understand the directions." The salesperson's reply is, "What is the first direction you find confusing?" This is the ___________ method. C
A salesperson says to a customer, "I've had many customers express the same concern you've just stated." What step of the basic strategy for handling objections does the preceding comment exemplify? D
In which situation is using the latest jargon acceptable? b
During a presentation, what is the maximum number of items a salesperson should show a customer at one time? c
It is important for a salesperson to use words that are vague in making a product presentation so that the customer will not be swayed by the salesperson's biases. False
It is acceptable for a salesperson to use jargon during a business-to-business sales presentation. True
The goal of the product presentation is to skillfully present the products to the customer. False
When a customer objects to purchasing an item, it is best to be brief, direct, and ask."Why do you object?" False
To keep a customer from feeling pressured, a salesperson should at times allow the customer to resolve objections without interference for the salesperson. False
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