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1st sem. vocab.

HR Diagram A graph that shows the heat of a star ,relative to it's magnitude.
Main Sequence Star A new star that that creates heat and pressure from fusion that balances the attraction due to gravity.
White dwarf star A star that contracts because it used up all it's helium.
Red giant star Brightstars on the upperright of the Hr diagram.
Elliptical galaxy Football shaped Galaxies.
irregular galaxy Galaxies that don't fit into other classifications.
spiral galaxies made up of bright stars and dust
light year distance light travels in a year
asteroid piece of rock similiar to the material that formed into planets.
comet composed of dust and rock
meteor a meteoroid that has entered the earth's atmosphere.
meteorite a mass of metal that reached the earth:a fallen meteroid.
meteoroid pieces of metal.
Big bang theory a theory that suggests that the universe was created from a massive explosion
doppler effect (red shift/blue shift) change in frequnecy and wave length
steady state theory the universe has always been expanding
oscillating theory universe is expanding
parallax a recieved change in the location of an object
absolute magnitude allows overall brightness of object
apparent magnitude measurement of an objects brightness
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