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Ch 22 test

a wave that can travel through empty space or matter and consists of changing electric and magnetic feilds electromagnetic wave
do electromagnetic waves require matter? no
an electric feild surrounds every --- object. charged
a magentic feild surrounds every ---. magnet
the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves radiation
have scientists discovered something that travels faster than light? no
how fast does light travel? 300,000 km/s
what is the major source of energy on earth? the sun
all of the frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic spectrum
visible light light that you can see
what is the order of the electromagnetic spectrum? radio waves microwaves infrared waves visible light ultraviolet light x rays & gamma rays
AM= amplitude modulation
FM= frequency modulation
tv stations use --- for sound and --- for pictures. (AM or FM) FM;AM
microwaves are used to send things over --- distances long
what are somethings that involve microwaves? radar, cell phones, microwaves
what does the amount of infrared waves given off depend on? temperature
what is white light? all of the colors combined
longest wavelengths are seen as ---, and shortest wavelengths are seen as ---. red ; violet
what is the range of colors? the visible spectrum
ultaviolet light is produced by the ---. sun
what are some bad effects of ultraviolet light? sunburn, skin cancer, wrinkles, damage to eyes
what are some good effects of ultraviolet light? kill bacteria on surgical tools, viatmin D
can x-rays pass through some materials? yes
gamma rays can be used to treat --- cancer
when light waves bounce off of an object reflection
light reflects off of --- objects all
what is the law of reflection? states that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
light beams reflect off all points at the same angle regular reflection
light beams hit and reflect at many different angles diffuse reflection
the transfer of energy carried by light waves to particles of matter absorption
the farther light travels from its source, the --- it becomes dimmer
an interaction of light with matter that causes light to change directions scattering
why is the sky blue? blue light scatters more than anything else
bending of a wave as it passes from medium to another refraction
what are the 2 types of lenses? convex and concave
the bending of waves around barriers or through opening diffraction
a wave interaction that happens when 2 or more waves overlap interference
what are the 2 types of interference? constructive and destructive
the passing of light through matter transmission
what are the 3 types of matter? transparent, translucent, and opaque
light reaches your eyes after being --- or ---. reflected or transmitted
in colored transparent objects, you see --- the color of the object
what are the primary colors of light? red, blue, and green
a material that gives a substance its color by absorbing some colors of light and reflecting others pigment
mixing pigments is called... color subtraction
what are the primary pigments? yellow, cyan, and magenta
light waves travel in all directions from their source in --- lines straight
a ray is the same as --- an arrow
a mirror that has a flat surface a plane mirror
an image through which light does not travel virtual image
a mirror that is curved inward concave mirror
an image through which light passes real image
make a --- to decide image concave forms. ray diagram
a mirror that curves outward convex mirror
a transparent object that forms an image by reflecting light lens
Created by: kfran0112