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Stage 12 Checklist

āmittō, -ere, āmīsī, āmissus lose
cinis, cineris ash
compleō, -ēre, complēvī, complētus fill
custōdiō, -īre, -īvī, -ītus guard
dēnsus, -a, -um thick
epistula, -ae letter
flamma, -ae flame
fortiter bravely
frūstrā in vain
fugiō, -ere, fūgī, fūgitus flee
fundus, -ī farm
iaceō, iacēre, iacuī lie down
iam now, already
igitur therefore
incidō, -ere, incidī, incasus fall (upon)
mīrābilis, -e strange, amazing
mittō, -ere, mīsī, missus send
mōns, montis mountain
nūbēs, nūbis cloud
optimē very well
paene almost
sentiō, -īre, sēnsī, sēnsus feel
tandem finally
templum, -ī temple
terra, -ae ground, land, earth
timeō, -ēre, timuī fear, be afraid
unus, -a, -um one
duō, duae, duō two
trēs, tria three
Created by: edyeomans