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Stage 10 Checklist

abeō, abīre, abiī, abītus go away
accipiō, -ere, accēpī, acceptus accept, receive
callidus, -a, -um clever, smart
capiō, capere, cēpī, captus take
contentus, -a, -um satisfied
exclāmō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus exclaims
frāter, frātris brother
imperium, -ī empire, authority, command
inimīcus, -ī enemy
inveniō, -īre, invēnī, inventus find, come upon
eō, īre, iī, ītus go
liber, librī book
nōs we, us
nūntiō, nūntiāre, nūntiāvī, nūntiātus announce
pāx, pācis peace
portus, -ūs harbor, port
quam than, how
semper always
sententia, -ae opinion
servō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus save, protect
sōlus, -a, -um alone
taceō, tacēre, tacuī, tacitus is silent, is quiet
uxor, uxoris wife
vehementer violently, loudly
vōs you (pl)
Created by: edyeomans