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Science Project ch 8

Chapter 8 Project

Fossil The remains of an acient organism preserved in rock
Carbon Film A thin coating of carbon left behind by a decayed animal
Sedimentary Rock A type of rock formed when particles of organisms and other rocks are cvemented together
Trace Fossil Things left behind by organisms, which shows what they did
Mold A hollow space where an organism was buried and dissolved
Cast A copy of an oganism's shape
Petrified Fossil A type of fossil where minerals replace all of an organism
Paleontoligist A scientist who studies fossils to learn about ancient organisms
Scientific Theory A well-tested concept that explains a wide range of observations
Evolution The theory that states that organisms change over time
Extinct An organism that has died out
Relative Age The age of a rock compared to rocks around it
Absolute Age The age since a rock formd
Law of Superstition The principle that states that rock layers are younger than thoses below it
Extrusion Igneous rock that has hardened above the surface
Intrusion Igneous rock that has hardened under the surfac
Fault` A break or crack in the Earth's surface
Unconformity Where young rock meets old rock
Index Fossil Fossils of organisms that have lived for a short tine
Atom The smallest particle where the substance is still that substance
Element A substance where all the atoms are the same and cannot be broken down into another substance
Radioacive Decay The process in which a radioactive element releases particles and energy
Half-life The time it takes for half of a radioactive element to decay
Geologic Time Scale The record of geologic events and organisms
Era The three units that divide the time between Precambrian and present
Period The unit of time that divides eras
Vertabrate An animal with a backbone
Invertabrate An animal without a backbone
Amphibian An animal that lives half its life in water and half of its life in land
Reptile A cold-blooded, egg laying vertabrate
Mass Extinction The extinction of several species at the same time
Mammal A warm-blooded vertabrate that feeds their young milk
Created by: JinNa