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Water quality #2

Test on friday December 14 water quality

What is an example of a secondary pollutant? The exhaust from a car mixing with cloud water to make acid rain.H
True or False: inorganic chemicals come from living things or things that used to be living? False.
What are three infectious agents? Bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
What is the name of the dioflagelate protist that is activated into toxicity by excess nitrogen in the water? Pfisteria.
What element does organic chemicals contain? Carbon.
Even though eutrophication and E. Coli are bad, what is NC's biggest water pollution issue? Dirt.
how could GPS and GIS be used together when studying water systems? GPS can locate the water, and GIS help find the quality.
What is an example of non-point pollution? Gas stations.
Is high or low temperature water more healthy for fish? Low.
What is something water treatment plants can't clean out? Medicines.
Why is an overabundance of nutrients harmful to a water supply? It causes excessive aquatic plant growth.
Fish numbers are steadily declining in a river each year. If the scientists want to better understand what is happening to the fish, what measurement would yield the best data? Dissolved oxygen in the water.
What is a point source of pollution that could harm a pond ecosystems? Waste water released from a nearby factory.
Water pollution is any physical, ________ or chemical change in water quality that adversely affects living organisms or makes water unsuitable for desired uses. Biological.
If you have point pollution, you can ______ to the responsible party. Point.
What is a source of sediment pollution? Forestry.
Eutrophication means _____ blooms too much because it's feeding on _____ that can come from _____. Point,algae,poop.
The algae is associated with _____ that takes up too much _____ out of the water which makes the fish suffocate. Bacteria, oxygen.
Trout and mayflies are _____ of healthy water. Bioindicator.
Created by: Evidenceofstudy