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Hearing Aid words

for students who are deaf or hard of hearing

HEARING AID AMPLIFIES SOUND. Each one is different. The audiologist makes sure you have the right settings.
EARMOLD This is the piece that fits in the ear. Some children have different colours. Audiologists make the earmold for each person using a hearing aid. Sometimes these are remade every 6 months.
FM RECEIVER When a student uses an FM system this is the part the student wears. It picks up sound from the FM transmitter. Most of the time it is attached to the hearing aid or cochlear Implant. Sometimes it is worn around the neck.
FM Transmitter This devise sends a voice to the FM receiver. This allows the listener to hear the speaker's voice when there is noise or when the speaker is across the room.
Microphone This is part of the FM transmitter. It is the part that picks up the voice to be sent by the transmitter. The microphone can not be covered by cloth or be hit by jewelry, or it will make noise in my hearing aid.
Battery compartment In order to change a battery for my hearing aid I need to open this. I have to be careful to put the battery in properly or the door will not close.
FM channel Your FM receiver has a channel. The classroom teacher will have an assigned channel. This allows all the students in one classroom to hear the same teacher.
Channel Syncing In order for you to hear your classroom teacher on their channel you will need to have your FM reciever "set" to their channel. Sometimes this is called getting 'beeped'.
Created by: sarahseb