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volcano test for bri

volcano test

shield volcano gently sloping mountain. forms when a volcano errupts quietly. thin layers of lava build up slowly over a large area around the vent.
cinder cone steep cone shaped hill. it forms when a volcano errupts explosivly. ashes, cinders and bombs pile up around the vent.
composite volcano is a tall cone shaped mountain. it forms when a volcano errupts quietly the explosivly.layers of lava are followed by layers of ash, cinders, and bombs.
caldera when a volcano collpses it leaves a huge hole.
cinder cone volcano the boundries are hot spot, divergent or convergent.
composite volcano type of boundaries convergent
shield volcano type of boundary divergent
active volcano has lots of energy in it and this happens when a volcano is currently in action.
extinct no longer errupts
dormant hasnt errupted in a long time
low viscosity thin and runny lava
high viscosity thick and chunky
pahoehoe fast moving thin and hot lava
Aa slow moving thicker and cooler lava.
magma thick and sticky
pyroclastic flow creates bombs, ash and lava.
hot spring forms when groundwater heated by magma rises to the surface and collects in a nataural pool.
geyser is a fountain of water and steam that errupts from the ground.
silica magma contains silica.magma that contains more silica has a higher viscosity.
hot spot is a place where material rises from deep in the mantle. the material forms magma.
Created by: _briannab44_