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Revolutionary War

Revolutionary Way

Who provided military leardership by serving as commander-in cheif of the continental Army during the Revolutionary War? George Washington
Why did the Virginia colonist believe that the British Parliament had no right to tax them? They had no representation in Parliment
What famous Virginian spoke out against England by saying,"give me liberty or give me death" ? Patrick Henry
Who did American Indians fight alongside during the American Revolution? Both the British and Americans
Which enslaved African American served in the Continental Army and requested his freedom after the Revolutionary War? James Lafayette
What is the document authoried by Thomas Jefferson and stating that people should have the authority to govern themselves Declaration of Independence
Which famous Virginian rode on hourseback though the night to warn Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him? Jack Jouett
As many men left home to fight in the war, what happneded with women? they took on more responsibility
What was the first land battle of the American Revolution fought in Virginia? Battle of Great Bridge
"All people are created equal and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Who wrote this quote from the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jeffereson
In which war did America gain its independence from England? American Revolution
What did the American colonist and British Parliament disagree over? how Virginia should be governed
Parliment believed it had legal authority over the colonies to issue taxes. What did the colonisht believe? their local assemblies had legal authority to tax
What group of Virginias served in the continental Army and wanted freedom from England? patriots
What were Virginians who remained faithful to Great Britain called? loyalists
In what state did the Battle of Yorktown take place? Virginia
What did they call people who did not take sides during the war with England? neutrals
Where was the last major battle of the Revolutionary war fought? Yorktown
Created by: Dragonsges