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Latin Stack 6 weeks

Stack #112702

Femina Woman
Agricola Farmer
Nauta Sailor
Ancilla Maid
Dea Goddess
Regina Queen
Filia Daughter
Colonus Farmer
Amicus Friend
Dominus Lord
Filius Son
Puer Boy
Servus Servant
Socius Companion
Vir Man
Provincia Provence
Terra Earth
Copia Supply
Nebula Cloud
Silva Forest
Rex King
Plebs Common People
Civis Citizen
Fur Thief
Frater Brother
Custos Guard
Dux Leader
Princeps Emperor
Senex Old Man
Pastor Shepherd
Pater Father
Mulier Woman
Soror Sister
Uxor Wife
Medicus Doctor
Homo Man
Puella Girl
Insula Island
Patria Country
Via Road
Ego I
Tu You
Nos We
Vos You (Plural)
ille/ illa He/ She
Mater Mother
Bibliotheca Library
Culina Kitchen
Spelunca Cave
Ripa River Bank
Casa House
Hortus Garden
Campus Open Field
Ager Cultivated Field
Auxilium Help
Litus Ocean Shore
Urbs City
Mare Ocean
Mons Mountains
Aqua Water
Pectus Chest
Pes Foot
Vox Voice
Caput Head
Corpus Live Body
Cadaver Dead Body
Os, Ossis Bone
os, Oris Mouth
Collum Neck
Bracchium Arm
Manus Hand
Auris Ear
Nasus Nose
Oculus Eye
Dens Teeth
Digitus Finger
Genu Knee
Capillus Hair
Supercilium Eyebrows
Amare To Love
Laudare To Praise
Portare To Carry
Pugnare To Fight
Spectare To Watch
Vocare To Call
Narrare To Tell
Potare To Drink
Salutare To Greet
Inperate To Order
Castigare To Scold
Aedificare To Build
Convocare To Call Together
Vulnerare To Wound
Videre To See
Docere To Teach
Tenere To Hold
Terrere To Scare
Monere To Warn
Timere To Be Scared
What is Zues's Latin Name? Jupitar
What is Posiedon's Latin Name? Neptune
What is Aeremis's Latin Name? Diana
What is Hephaestus's Latin Name? Vulcan
What is Hermes' Latin Name? Mercury
What is Apollo's Latin Name? Apollo
What is Zues's Sacred Animal? Eagle
What is Poseidon's sacred Animal? Horse
What is Athena's Sacred Animal? Owl
What is Aphrodite's sacred Animal? Dove
What is Apollo's Sacred Animal? Raven
Whose "role" is "king of the gods"? Zues
Whose "role" is "queen of the gods"? Juno
Whose Role is Goddess of Wisdom? Minerva
Whose Role is God of War? Mars
What is Hera's Latin Name? Juno
What is Athena's Latin Name? Minerva
What is Aphrodite's Latin Name? Venus
What is Ares Latin Name? Mars
What is Demeter's Latin Name? (blank)
What is Dionysos' Latin Name? Baccus
What is Hera's Sacred Animal? Peacoke
What is Dionysos' sacred animal? (blank)
What is Artemis' Sacred Animal? stag
What is Ares sacred Animal? Vulture
Whose Role is god of the sea? Neptune
Whose Role is goddess of love? Venus
whose Role is goddes of the Hunt? Diana
Whose role is god of reason? Minerva
Whose role is messenger god? Hermes
Whose symbol is the "male" symbol? Jupiter
whose symbol is the "female" symbol? Venus
What is the Latin name for Jupiter,s father? Saturn
Which Titan holds the world on his shoulders? Atlas
What is Zues's sacred Tree Oak
What does Pluto Literally Mean? "rich"
what do Athena's sobriquets Pallas and Parthenos literally mean in Greek? relentless
What is Minerva's sacred tree? laurel
What is the Latin name for Jupiter's father? Saturn
Which race of creatures rules the Universe before being overthrown by the Olympians? Titans
What does Zues Literally Mean in Greek? (blank)
Created by: emily1995