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Ch.22 (Final)


Gold is found in ____. placer deposits
Chemically, oil and gas are both ____________. hydrocarbons
The United States has enormous quantities of oil in __. oil shale
______ is the initial stage in the development of coal. Peat
If a drilled well encounters both oil and natural gas. the gas will naturally be floating on top of the oil
Most hydrothermal ores are metallic __________. sulfides
_______ is an unusual mixture of ice and methane Gas hydrate
____ resources enable us to create the metals used in our world today. Metallic
In terms of plate tectonics, future oil reservoirs form most easily in areas ____. where ocean basins are closing
A _____ is the term used to describe the portion of a resource that has been discovered or inferred with some degree of certainty and can be extracted for a profit. reserve
This type of geologic resource provides the power that drives the modern world. energy
Petroleum, natural gas and propane are all considered _____ because they formed from the buried remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. fossil fuels
Some geologic resources are ____, that is, they are replenished by natural processes fast enough that people can use them continuously. renewable
Most geologic resources are ____, they form very slowly and are extracted much faster than nature replaces them. nonrenewable
The recoverable reserve for coal in the United States is _______. 270 billion tons
Economic deposits of petroleum require _____. source rock, reservoir rock, and trap
There are two basic forms of energy categories, ____ energy is stored energy potential
New oil is born where _____. dead organic matter is sealed in an oxygen-deprived burial
The _____ resources include building stones and road gravels nonmetallic
A ____ is the term used to describe the total amount of any given geologic material of potential economic interest, whether discovered or not. resource
Counting tar sands, _______ has the second largest oil reserves in the world. Canada
The two largest oil fields in the United States are in __________. Texas and Alaska
Coal is the altered remains of ancient ____________. terrestrial plants
Once oil is formed it must accumulate in concentrations that can be drilled and pumped, these concentrations are called ________. traps
Which of the following is a renewable resource? wind
Although technically not coal, the first material to form in the coal cycle is ___. peat
The ore-forming process of ______ occurs as early-forming minerals settle to the bottom of a cooling magma. crystal settling
Geological resources sustain life, and the most fundamental of these resources are _____. soil and water
Evaporite deposits are important sources of ___. gypsum and halite
The petroleum window is the depth between ______ to ______ feet through which sapropel must pass to transform into oil. 7,500; 15,000
Which sequence of coal is ordered from lowest to highest energy content? lignite, bituminous, anthracite
At the current rate of consumption, United States recoverable coal reserves will be exhausted in ______ years. 250
Which of the following lists contains only fossil fuels? coal, oil, natural gas
Pencil lead is made of _____. graphite
Created by: Thomas.Siu