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Ch.21 (Final)

Climate Change

Which is true about temperature trends averaged over the last 30 years temperatures on land are increasing; sea surface temperatures are increasing; troposphere temperatures are increasing; and stratosphere temperatures are decreasing.
Which of the following layers of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer? stratosphere
Two ways in which concentrations of CO2 million of years ago can be reconstructed is from the density of stomata in fossilized leaves and _____ isotopic content of carbon in fossils
_____ can alter the surface albedo of the Earth and affect ocean circulation on a million-year time scale. Plate tectonics
The _____ is an international panel of scientists that assesses the evidence for and effects of climate change. IPCC
Cloud droplets and _____, which are small particles suspended in the atmosphere, together relfect around 23% of the incident solar radiation back to space. atmospheric aerosols
Which is not true? A. In the 1970s there was a scientific consensus about an imminent ice age.
Which is true about the Earth’s atmosphere? Nitrogen is currently the largest constituent
Heat energy from solar radiation absorbed at the Earth's surface is known as _____. terrestrial radiation
Which is most true the Greenhouse Effect. Greenhouse gasses absorb long wavelength (infrared) radiation from the Earth and radiate some of it back towards the Earth.
What is the role of the ozone layer? It protects the surface from ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.
Which of the following is not a paleoclimate proxy? insect trapped in amber
The Earth's average climate is determined by its _____, the balance between the amount of energy entering and exiting the Earth system. radiative balance
Which is true? both a) and b
Do the oceans absorb CO2, and if so, what happens? Yes; they become more acidic
By what means do we know that greenhouse gas concentrations have varied quite dramatically over the geologic record? ice cores
Between 1961 and 2003 mean sea level rose _____. 1.8 mm
Climate change will affect human populations in all but the following ways: all are correct
Without this, the Earth would warm up rapidly due to the absorption of solar radiation. emission of infrared radiation
At this point in time global mean temperatures begin to increase substantially and quite rapidly industrial revolution
Which of these rock formations or conditions would imply a colder climate? Tillite
Which of the following atmospheric gases are derived from both natural processes and anthropogenic processes? carbon dioxide
_____ is the most abundant and important greenhouse gas. CO2
The Sun transmits its energy to Earth in the form of _____. electromagnetic radiation
The orbital theory of climate is also known as _____. Milankovitch Theory
NO2 and CH4 are important greenhouse gases due to their strong _____ of solar radiation absorption
How will agriculture be impacted by climate change? alter the need for irrigation
The Earth is warm due to _____. greenhouse gases
Paleoclimate studies require that scientists find paleoclimate _____, materials that have retained a unique signature of the ancient climate conditions. proxies
The percentage of radiation reflected from a surface is referred to as its _____. albedo
Models of climate are only able to reproduce the warming over the last century only if _____ are added. greenhouse gases
Why is water vapor an extremely important greenhouse gas? It strongly absorbs IR radiation
_____ has been responsible for around 50% of the sea level rise over the last century. Melting and loss of ice
_____ is the increase in the volume that results from increased ocean temperatures. Thermal expansion
Which is true of greenhouse gasses? they absorb infrared radiation, and re-emit some of it back toward Earth
The _____ is the Earth's primary source of energy. Sun
Greenhouse gases can survive in the atmosphere for different amounts of time, which is known as _____. atmospheric lifetime
What is causing the increase in CO2 in the last 200 years? burning fossil fuels
As more CO2 dissolves in the ocean the _____ increases concentration of H+
_____ are important concepts in climate science. They are factors that amplify or decrease the rate of a process Feedbacks
Where is most of Earth’s carbon stored? as limestone
The most straightforward way to decrease emissions of CO2 is to _____. move away from using fossil fuels
Created by: Thomas.Siu