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Ch.1 (Final)

(T/F) We depend on geologists for the raw materials we need for survival. True
(T/F) A tsunami has a small wave height, travels rapidly, and is not noticed by people in boats. True
(T/F) While the reserves of petroleum hydrocarbons within the United States are limited, other geologic resources (iron, aluminum, copper, and tin) are available in great abundance. False
(T/F) Geology uses the scientific method to explain natural aspects of the Earth. True
(T/F) Ocean - ocean plate convergence formed major mountain belts such as the Andes and Cascades. False
(T/F) The mantle is the most voluminous of Earth's three major concentric zones. True
(T/F) Earth's lithosphere is made up of the uppermost part of the mantle and crust. True
(T/F) Most convergent plate boundaries coincide with the crests of submarine mountain ranges called mid-oceanic ridges. False
(T/F) Plate tectonics regards the lithosphere as divided into segments (plates) that are in horizontal motion. True
(T/F) A transform plate boundary occurs where two plates converge. False
(T/F) Convergent boundaries, due to their geometry, are the sites of the largest earthquakes on Earth. True
(T/F) Rocks brought to the earth's surface by internal processes are worn down, and eroded by surficial processes. True
(T/F) The Earth is about 4.6 billion years old. True
(T/F) The Earth can be considered as interrelated systems.. True
The Earth's system that includes the oceans, rivers, lakes, and glaciers of the world is called the _______. hydrosphere
The _____ is an example of a transform plate boundary. San Andreas Fault of California
Rock deep within the Earth is _____ and ______. hot; heat flows out toward Earth's surface
Earth's external heat engine is driven by __. solar power
The Earth's interior heat engine works because hot buoyant material deep within the Earth _______ while cold denser material _______. moves upward; moves downward
Listed from Earth's center outward, the three concentric zones of Earth are the __. core, mantle, crust
A _____ is a scientific concept that has been tested and is in all likelihood true. theory
_______ are geological forces generated inside the Earth Tectonic forces
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, and tsunamis are all examples of: geologic hazards
The ____ is soft and therefore flows more readily than the underlying mantle asthenosphere
After data have been analyzed, tentative explanations or solutions called _____ may be proposed. hypotheses
Plate tectonics is a unifying idea that helps explain where and why there are ___ on Earth. All of the answers are correct.
The two major types of crust are oceanic crust and __. continental crust
The concept of plate tectonics regards the earth's ___ as broken into a number of ___ that are in motion relative to each other. lithosphere; plates
Plates are known to be moving away from each other __. across mid-ocean ridges
A _______ boundary occurs where plates move towards one another. convergent
The _____ of old seafloor takes place at convergent boundaries. destruction
The North American plate is moving ____. west
The best geologic data currently available indicates that Earth is approximately ___ years old. 4,550,000,000
Created by: Thomas.Siu